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Then, Mr. Dumano, Chief Executive Officer of Essilor Greater China armani sunglasses woman 2018 , and Ms. Chen Luyi, Chief Operating Officer of Shanghai Essilor Optics Co., Ltd. joined hands with the industry’s “big brother” to shake their mobile phones to make their photos converge as a sign Love like the lights follow the light, declared love like the lens officially listed.

Designed for the glasses industry VR reciprocal equipment
As the global leader in the lens industry innovation, Essilor also showcased the current hottest virtual reality technology in the glasses industry results. Essilor’s VR-Nautilus is an experience device designed to distinguish it from other VRs on the market, designed specifically for the optical retail industry. Nautilus through the real scene simulation, Ray Ban polarized glass without glasses and wait, so that consumers the most intuitive experience of different depending on the visual lens brought by the imagination of the visual experience. In addition it can also adjust the monocular pupil distance and mirror distance, and in accordance with the needs of customers, adjust the use of visual clarity, so that feel more real mirror experience. Virtual reality of the ultra-high technology will greatly narrow the original can not try the lens and the distance between consumers wayfarer style glasses .



Flagship brand and then heavy punch
Essilor’s flagship brand Wanli Road ®, launched at the same time to the industry launched the “Miles Rookie Triathlon”, aimed at online and offline learning and interaction, driving the overall industry technological progress, which is not only a glasses People’s carnival, but also in the new media era, to show the vitality of the glasses industry with the times Ray Ban new collection 2014 .
Diamond crystal family has been upgrading for many years, diamond crystal A4 layer has been set to prevent glare, wear resistance, dirt, dust, water, double-sided UV protection and blue filter 1 as a whole, SPF2 index concept has been accepted by the industry and more and more consumers, as a measure of the lens layer of one of the important indicators.
Essilism and the concept of exhibition
Innovation is the soul of Essilor, corporate social responsibility is Essence Road ahead of the inexhaustible motive force. In 2015, Essilor harvested many awards in the industry Ray Ban Clubmaster Vintage , including the most respected corporate award and the most influential brand award of Chinese eyewear selection, and for five consecutive years by Forbes magazine as the world’s most innovative optometry One of the company. Essilor Avenue, the concept of space base station presented around the “love like praise, depending on the heart” theme set a series of rich and interesting links, bringing novel and interesting experience, but also reflects the sense of science and technology, but also show Essilor led the optical industry, is bound to scientific and technological innovation in the end of the determination. In addition to the exhibition site, WeChat platform has also launched a PK eyes of the game, Ray Ban sunglasses balances while entertainment, appeal to the industry and outside attention to vision health. If you can not go to the exhibition site to personally experience the experience, may wish to follow the way to WeChat to an intimate interaction!

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Abstract: In early spring in February Sunglasses roberto cavalli , Fang Fei bloom, China (Shanghai) International Optical Industry Exhibition entered the sixteenth year. A hundred years of brand Essilor Road in this vibrant season, “love like praise, depending on the heart” as the theme, to full of future technology sense of spacecraft for the booth prototype design, wonderful debut Expo Pavilion.
Early spring in February, Fang Fei bloom, China (Shanghai) International Optical Industry Exhibition into the sixteenth year. Centennial brand Essilor in this vibrant season, “love like praise,white sunglasses  depending on the heart” as the theme, to full of future technology sense of spacecraft for the booth prototype design, debut Expo exhibition hall.
Focus  on interconnected life

Worldwide, the average daily use of more than 7 hours a day digital products. For the electronic screen is too high brightness, smaller fonts and eye with too long time caused by eye health problems, according to the road group developed a diamond crystal praise praise digital life lenses, the series of lenses for a variety of vision correction Demand, but also can effectively alleviate the multi-screen era brought about by a variety of visual symptoms. Official Ray Ban  Love the sudden special technology – precision focus technology, specifically used to match the different reading distance, effectively alleviate the use of digital screen for a long time to produce visual fatigue, so that eye adjustment more comfortable. The same intelligent blue light filter technology is applied to protect the eyes from harmful blue light from the screen and retain the color reproduction while maximizing the protection of the eyes while the WAVE wave front technology enables the wearer to enjoy higher Clear sharp vision Official Site Ray Ban.

In the 49th Paris International Optical Fair (SILMO World Optical Show) held from September 25th to 28th, 2015, Essilor was awarded Silmo d ‘ Or Gold, this new lens to meet the increasing use of digital screen brought about by the new vision protection and relaxation needs.
Light up
Exhibition on the first day of the diamond crystal praise lens launch ceremony, harvest almost all of China’s optical industry’s most influential institutions of the full support. “China has always been a big country of myopia, with the popularity of digital life, consumers in addition to the basic vision correction function, Internet purchase window  but also to solve the digital screen to the eyes caused by the troubles, we need innovative technology,” said Mr. Cui Yi, chairman of China Optical Association, said: Products and innovative marketing methods to activate this market to meet the needs of consumers! As a leader in the international optical industry, we are pleased to see Essilor and new products come out. “Tianjin Eye Hospital Party Secretary, deputy Dean Li Jie as the representative of the eye hospital, in recent years for young people increasingly seeking video terminal syndrome solution of the status quo Ray Ban sunglasses 2014 , feel: “Today is pleased to see Essilor launched a drill We hope that we can provide consumers with effective solutions and help the industry to grow. “” China glasses “magazine editor Mr. He Qing also expressed love for the love of this product, specifically for digital life and development, we hope to take this can provide consumers with effective solutions, Praise the blessing,Ray Ban sun glasses cheap  and praise for praise

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Abstract: Each brand and company are very focused on branding,Ray Ban eyeglass frame so the brand information is to understand the brand and where the company developed how the fastest way, this article will provide you with Essilor brand latest news, product news, etc. The latest information on the road, hoping to help you in a short period of time a clearer understanding of Essence Road brand.
Essilor’s latest news: http://www.essilorchina.com/newsList.aspx ray Ban color

Essilor Company Profile:

Essilor Essilor (Shanghai Essilor Optical Co., Ltd.)
Founded: 1849 Registered capital: 45.5 million US dollars Brand origin: France Tel: 400-8207111 Online shop: 6 Merchants information: View investment
Shanghai Essilor Optical Co., Ltd., the lens of the top ten brands, founded in France in 1849, focused on the field of ophthalmic optics, the world of optical field experts, resin lenses and progressive lenses industry famous to produce and sell …
Fast Direct >> Brand official website> Essilor flagship store> Jingdong flagship store>
Essilor originated in 1849 France, Paris, has been more than 160 years of history glasses for men.
Essilor focuses on the field of ophthalmic optics, and the lens is fully integrated with human vision and optics, and is the world leader in optometry.
Continuous innovation has always been the core gene of Essilor. In 1959, Essilor created resin lenses and progressive lenses, with more than 5600 patents worldwide and one of the most innovative companies in the world for three consecutive years.
Shanghai Essilor Optical Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, is the French Essilor International Group in China’s wholly-owned enterprises, the total investment of up to 53 million US dollars Ray Ban glasses Woman 2014 . Located in Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Park factory, covering 35,000 square meters, the introduction of today’s most advanced lens production equipment and technology, according to the international standards of Essence Road production process and management.
Shanghai Essilor Company attaches great importance to the quality of Chinese optical industry practitioners, and Tianjin Eye Hospital co-founder of Tianjin Miles Road as the optical vocational training schools,Ray Ban sunglasses child  to carry out optometry, glasses of the various levels of training and evaluation of identification, progressive multifocal lens fitting technology Special training and training courses of various types of marketing courses for the optical industry practitioners to provide a visual science and technology life-long education place.
Essilor is committed to promoting the standardization of Chinese lens production and fundamentally improving the standardization of lens production,roberto cavalli sunglasses in line with international standards, so that Chinese consumers Can enjoy a safe, clear, beautiful, comfortable high-quality resin lenses.

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Has officially implemented the “Surveillance and regulation of medical devices” cheap ray ban Aviator glasses newly revised more than three months, the provisions of the sale of contact lenses without a minimum fine of $ 50,000. But reporters found that the sale of unlicensed contact lenses Linyi a few shops, and even contact lenses in the nail shop is also available cheap glasses .

18, the reporter visited the city a number of jewelry and nail shops found that most of these stores are still selling contact lenses, these glasses are placed in the discrete corner store Ray Ban sunglasses cheap







Reporters in the vicinity of a jewelry store on the Linyi people square in a circle, but not found contact lenses, try to maintain the idea of ​​being a reporter asked tally clerk. The clerk immediately into a dark lower shelf and Ray Ban Junior  pulled out a box of foam, each of the glasses as long as 30 yuan.

Reporters saw the boxes stood on the four US student, eyeglass label indiq

Ue Korean origin, but not like other contact lenses, as indicated at the time of the harbor.

Clerk, these glasses are selling well, every purchase will soon be exhausted, Ray Ban rb2140 this did not have replenishment in time, leaving only the impression in pure black. He told reporters that when you want to buy prescription glasses, buy glasses, the clerk said to have no degree, a degree if you want to buy can go to the nail shop next to ask, or spend more Money to the store to buy glasses.

Subsequently, the reporter went to the nail shop, a store clerk in the same humble sunglasses Ray Ban  against finding hard with glasses and said the United States contact lens pencil 50 yuan one, is imported directly from South Korea, the best selling color is unusual brown color, and red, light blue, etc., but not myopia Ray Ban Original.

Reporters asked a total of five stores, where a jewelry store, and two nail shops said the shop must sell contact lenses, these three store clerks said they did not have to sell contact lenses Need to know what the license rb 3025 .

In addition to these jewelry stores and a nail shop, the reporter in the city, on a night market Jiefang found that small individual jewelry vendors and street vendors also sell glasses, contact lenses, Price between 25 yuan to 60 yuan each.Ray Ban outdoorsman
Ray Ban shop  “Most of this night market is zero beauty glasses of students, I must here can be personalized with corrective lenses, but must add 50 dollars, about three days can happen. ” Stall an engagement path.

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In fact, through network marketing glasses,Ray Ban Clubmaster  appeared at the beginning of the Internet, many people were tried, including the use of B2C and other models for sale but ultimately failed. Later, with the rise of Taobao and the supplier model of electricity shift, glasses have gradually found a place in the network, but overall sales are not optimistic. Even though the rise of a sales group of color contact lenses, sunglasses and other fashion products based independent power supplier, also did not really fit the training of the business model Sales eyewear in essence cheap ray ban Butterfly glasses.



But with progressive improvement O2O (Online For Offline) mode, many industry insiders are beginning to see eyeglasses and network integration can make changes. Billion on e-commerce glasses general manager Li Changli Co., once preached: “O2O fashion is a combination of optical industry the most appropriate development of the business model of the Internet Wayfarer Ray Ban .” Optical retail stores that sell products are mainly semi-finished products must pass scientific fit, processing into finished products to the end consumer use. To learn more about the consumer before the information glasses, such as brand,Ray Ban Round  style, price, quality, convenience degree glasses, had to go to the retail store, and now long been accustomed To online shopping, consumers are more willing to collect the product from the Internet information, see user comments, compare prices, look for store locations, and so on, they were made in Face all kinds of decide how to store consumption. However, the network can not completely solve all the problems of manufacturing a finished lens, professional and technical aspects related to mounting optometry bezel line , machining and other processes still need to be implemented to operate the shop. Therefore, in the “ubiquitous network” today, the eyewear industry is true as Internet-based products, commercial channels, marketing these three aspects, so that consumers can always display, search, Combined with the line-up establishment of the store service in order to save its shopping areas, offers practical business models, increase the store’s grip with consumers,Ray Ban sunglasses  stand firmly in the market.

So if the electricity provider for the store in terms of the use of good O2O models are a vital component. When traditional optical retail stores due to high rent and exit the street facade, in the second floor or basement, even when the office, how to increase the degree of grip with existing customers, Attract tourists Expanding low-cost channels is critical, in addition to electricity suppliers want to decorate the glasses of the market glasses something,Ray Ban Jackie Ohh  and have the level of the shop expertise and service has become the best choice for cooperation. Therefore, the optical industry needs O2O, need the perfect mix and interact online and offline, and all this is the Internet for opportunities and changes in the optical retailing industry Ray ban cheap glasses .

Although a lot of discussions before O2O for the benefits of the optical industry, but so far, either from or in the line of the O2O business line, successfully a few, however, founder Li Changli Billions of dollars on eyewear that the establishment of 020 the optical industry is indeed very challenging challenge, because in the Internet + billions on spectacle field glasses and Ray Ban Cockpit  actively explore Many years, been able to reach today. Apart from a handful of well-known companies, others essentially lamentable. So in the end is what hinders the development of O2O optical industry it? Let us analyze the following aspects Ray Ban 2132:

First: Internet awareness. Many optical retail executives recognize the important role of the electricity supplier for the store, and began to build O2O, but because they did not understand the real sensory and cognitive networks, often break badly beaten, but No final harvest. There are people, because there is a deep understanding of the network characteristics,Ray Ban 2140  a twisting encounter and turns on loss, and finally chose to give up. Therefore, no network comprehensive and deep understanding of the company, most only scratched the surface Ray Ban blind

Ray Ban RB3016 Clubmaster Ray Ban Clubmaster woman sun glasses man

Under normal circumstances, the child was two years old at the time of his view accessible to adult c

, parents can basically confirm his visual acuity before the children go to school. At present, many parents than their children after physical examination of the school began to focus their vision Ray Ban Top Bar , ophthalmologists recommend that if a child is reading, literacy, opportunities are multiply eyes Closer, parents should have the child regularly check the vision, at least check once a year, to detect the signs of myopia, quickly corrected.

With regard to prevention and treatment of myopia, in addition to paying attention to eye health buying glasses online , usually have to be careful not to let children watch television for a long time playing computer, mobile phone, Often the scene Yuanwang 5 meters (preferably green plants), and so on. Prevention and treatment of myopia, balanced nutrition is also important.




Only a complete food intake, Ray Ban glasses man to ensure the thickness of the eye wall and “strong” and thus easy to myopia. The body lacks zinc, iron and other trace elements is one of the causes of myopia in children, especially zinc, parents give the child a full intake of meat and other Foods rich in zinc.
Do not let the eye “wins” the parents will see

This year of the International Festival of the Blind, deputy director of Li Li Hospital the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People, he anxiously told reporters that China today blinds about 700 million people,Ray Ban RB8305  70% to 80% Concentrated in the elderly population, especially on the age of 50 parents. Cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal disease and even trauma could cause blindness. It should be noted in particular that cataract surgery can, glaucoma is irreversible, uncontrolled over time, treatment can lead to blindness.

As a result, parents find their children as abnormal vision Ray Ban Wayfarer RB2132 , seeing things such as shadows or distortion, eye pain with nausea, vomiting and other symptoms they should go with their parents to an eye examination by an equipment special. Do not let things randomly found in most elderly clinical parents feel vision loss is a normal phenomenon they tend to linger long the whole eye can not see and we must go to the hospital, Discover too late Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap .

Beware of eye sight away from parents, Li Li recommended that elderly should first pay attention to the health of the eyes, many elderly now run very fashionable, they also have theater, play To games persol sunglasses , often bubble on the phone, the computer I pad, a look that is a few hours. Overuse easily lead to dry eye. Usually the eyes last more than 45 minutes to 1 hour, he must rest for 10 minutes or do other work to facilitate. The computer can usually put down, the eyelids wide open are not, more blinking. Second avoiding fighting, injuries due to an accident, and finally do not advocate to do heavy severity of patients live myopia.  Ray Ban Wanderer It should be noted that, bad habits with eyes, such as at night or in the dark half read books and newspapers, watch sewing, mobile phones, cheap dishwashers computers can cause fatigue and affect health visual.

woman telescope mount polarizing glasses Ray Ban Men

Jinhua staff of the myopia treatment center came to the development zone cheap rayban new wayfarer sunglasses  jinhua Qiubin primary school, screening vision for children 3025. The staff gave the children issued a number of declaration of the stationery and the Vision, tell them how to protect the eyes. A Zhong reporter in the photo
Each year, the organization of the city health department of affiliated ophthalmological hospitals and clinics for students of Jinhua City schools, each visual inspection. Recently, more than a thousand students of different results of the detection of different grade school grades, students of visual acuity is not optimistic,Ray Ban Wayfarer folding  in addition to the number of students in grades 1 to 3 for the Individual primary school of myopia, section myopia section of high school students 20%. Middle and high school students the average rate of the class of myopia Qi Cheng.



A college in the city, while walking in a classroom,Ray Ban highstreet  at first glance, most students must wear glasses. Master Li told reporters, students read and now write much better posture, many students who have the eye away from this work is getting closer, and some even want to feel like Coushang bezel mount. Li often to correct the duties of students in class position, let them out of school for more outdoors, leans on distance, relieve eye strain
Ray Ban glasses

City personal myopia treatment center, said more and more rapid myopia students, ages become younger age, which is mainly caused by unhealthy lifestyles. At the same time, Ray Ban Warrior the popularity of electronic products has also accelerated the trend of developing the younger age of myopia. The child’s eyes are still the growth and development of some children like to read books or play phone lying in bed, excessive use as well as posture is not correct, it is easy to myopia
Ray Ban online shop.

“Some classic advice of eyes, eyes beneficial to the eyes, especially adult children, deserve a note. The staff said, for students to read and write good posture is very important, nonstandard posture is the main cause of myopia. Ray Ban eyewear Insist on doing ocular exercises. Eye regular examination each year, add more vegetables and fruits. You can not watch television too close to the screen. When watching TV, it is best to have the lights. Computer access time should not be too long, usually preferably 1 hour, to avoid visual fatigue. Do not write a small, close-up words, do not read small readings close together. Keep your exercise,Ray Ban Wayfarer original  do outdoor activities more. Myopia occurs when the situation, qualified to wear appropriate glasses. A long time reading, looking at the computer, it will reduce blinking eyes, causing the drying of the eyes, so should generally more blinking eyes, keep the eyes moist sun glasses woman.

Vintage Sunglasses sports goggles armani sunglasses

Official website evergreen recently announced eyeglasses it would launch a passive 3D glasses DN-82945 and the DN-82947 plug-glasses is mounted on an ordinary glasses, Ray Ban Wayfarer price and can be sold through the Shanghai casing, direct selling prices DN-82947 is 699 days yuan, while DN-82945 499 yen.
Ray ban

Sunglasses shop

Lights sale cheap Shanghai two polarized 3D glasses





Equipped with a polarizing filter is polarized 3D glasses Ray Ban cheap man , can effectively reduce the price of the product and features, the price is really cheap. Even the additional purchase, do not spend too much money on the price.

Lights sale cheap Shanghai two polarized 3D glasses cheap rayban new wayfarer sunglasses

Place DN-82945 Sunglasses

Other 3D glasses DN-82945 is also divided into two products,Ray Ban collection 2014  the use of two types of glasses and glasses different circular quadrilateral patterns, sizes noted in use, the size of the earglass round glasses folded after 145 × 45 × 25 mm, and a square of 150 × 40 × 45 mm. Both are 20g weight.

Lights sale cheap Shanghai two polarized 3D glasses

Plastic goggles DN-82947 Ray Ban glasses balances

Plug-glasses can be hung on ordinary glasses, when you want to use as long as you can attach to the glasses. A size of 130 × 38 × 10 mm. It weighs only 10g optician.

Ray Ban silver mirror carrera glasses cheap

The recovery of all the beautiful things in spring, raiban when he is out of town people Ray Ban red,Ray Ban gold,Ray Ban green and Ray Ban blue . Daming optical timely introduction of “beautiful flower flowers, a good mirror with Chunhui” cheap dishwasher as the theme of the sunlight series of promotional lenses promotional activities, just to meet people’s anti-glare, UV protection, Anti-glare demand. From April 5 to June 15 to the glasses of the Ming Dynasty each customer chains with the following objectives can get the following benefits wayfarer sunglasses :
A, coloring, decolorization, polarized lenses 8.8 folding, including: Nikon dye, colored glasses, 2, Essilor stain, polarized lenses, 3, Hoya discoloration, lens staining; 4, dyeing Apollo, colored glasses, 5, Shi Naide dyeing lenses; 6, light can Laid dye lens.


Color, spot, polarized lenses with degrees, both the vision correction but the UV blockage of the sun. That myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia people with their sunglasses degrees customize Ray Ban craft.
● Colorful colored lenses can show personality and clothing, especially suitable for outdoor work, movement of people and catch up with the personality of the fashion to wear.
● Avoided lenses with prescription eyewear wearer to suit different indoor and outdoor environments to replace or choose to wear glasses of difficulty. Sale varieties Daming lenses, high-tech content. trendy glasses The latest generation of photochromic lenses in the room was transparent, such as ordinary light man sunglasses, discoloration, faster discoloration, deeper environment high-temperature color, so that the user feel more at home ‘easy.
● Polarized lenses eliminate reflections from all directions, which makes the objects appear more clearly for driving and outdoors.
Second, the consumption of gift coupons fashionable glasses:
During the event, Ming glasses come all customers the opportunity to get new dealers to customers in more than $ 500 full Ming glasses, will be able to more preferential price to buy sunglasses and contact lenses, the Maximum discount of 7.5 times. You like high-quality Ming dynasty glasses while optometry services, you and your family and friends can also get a bigger discount. As follows wayfarer ray ban:
1, spending 500, blue gift certificate, coupon holder Sunglasses 8.5 times spectacle frame man , 9.4 pli contact lenses available;
2, $ 1000 spending, gift vouchers money, good vouchers 20% discount on the purchase of sunglasses, contact lenses purchase 9.2 times;
3, spend 2000 yuan, gold ticket donated, ticket holders 25% discount on the purchase of sunglasses, contact lenses bought 10% women sunglasses.
Welcome to the glasses of the Ming Dynasty, select the appropriate goal, enjoy the preferential prices.
In addition, in April and May purchase gifts sunglasses brand:
1, April customers with Nikon and Essilor Transitions Objectives one, will receive a mobile phone power.
2, buy glasses sent Li Meng (sunglasses or frames) sent Li Meng send a clear umbrella.
3, a variety of high-definition contact lenses Hydron buy three get one free glasses.

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“Wu Measure” is a well-known optical industry hundred years,cheap woman sunglasses,men sunglasses,kids sunglasses  many consumers are directed on this flagship store lens. The city of Yangzhou, Jiangdu, Yizheng, Gaoyou Street hanging signs “Wu” capable of more than 10 optical shops, are not “family”, and some joined Shanghai, Nanjing and some joined. Recently, with the “Wu measurement” case of trademark infringement, this dispute mark “war” spread to Yangzhou Ray Ban sunglasses . Affiliated Nanjing “Wu power” shop Yangzhou will want to change the sign.
Yangzhou “Wu able” There are two clubs

On Sunday, the public Yangzhou told reporters reflect, before New Year’s Day he was in Shanghai, “Wu measure” new seat with a pair of glasses, frames and soon a slight problem, because at that time , The service staff told him that the glasses can be in the country “Wu measurement” franchise UNPROFOR, back to Yang, he went to the city Ray Ban original wayfarer , optical shops “Wu able”, hoping to help The server service, but it was rejected. It is proven that this “Wu power” nor “Wu able. ”
The same is “Wu able”, why not a man? Originally, the city hanging “Wu” signs capable of a dozen optical store, in fact from Shanghai, Nanjing two “club. “Wu measurement” optical store in October 1997 to join the Nanjing “Wu power”, Ray Ban online store at present, a wen shop,Ray Ban sunglasses cheap Wenchang store, Mochizuki Road, Times store supermarket four facade. Yizheng, Gaoyou, Jiangdu, Baoying several “Wu power” are gathered in Shanghai, “Wu able.” He leaves perplexed, two stores in Shanghai Jiangdu, Yangzhou was actually “Wu power” open.
Four “Wu measures” alleged offense Ray Ban Mirror
“Who is the authentic Wu power? “Insiders told reporters,” Wu power “as well-known brands, Shanghai Wu, able Wuliangcai Nanjing, Suzhou Wu power, Wuxi Wuliangcai several theories over the years around this old conflict not stopped.
Two years ago, from Shanghai, “Wu able” destabilize Suzhou, “Wu measure”,Ray Ban RB8301  in Jiangsu City 6 judicial proceedings, respectively, 6 cases after the trial, the judicial proceedings were closed. Not long ago, the first in Suzhou Intermediate People’s Court of First Instance verdict: Suzhou Wu able to no longer use the size “Wu measure”.eyeglass frames  The reason for this is Suzhou, “Wu measure” in the case of Shanghai, “Wu measure” brand has no historical roots, without the size of the police from “Dent” to “Wu power”, with a rise ” Wu able “is suspected subjective, only” Wu power “is the legal owner of the brand in Shanghai.
Yesterday afternoon, reporters log on Shanghai, “Wu” able seat. Cao joined the brand department again confirmed: counties and cities of Yangzhou “Wu able” to join the company’s store, urban “Wu able” not to join the range carrera sunglasses .
“Wu” able seat of the Department of Justice responsible for the name of Zhang believes that the Yangzhou four brand “Wu measure” to use, with its very similar offense, suspected registered. They will be right next to initiate legal proceedings reservations. Such as the success of the rights, these four stores, will no longer be “Wu” capable Marques RB3016 Clubmaster .
Nanjing Wu able to join, so there is no need to join Shanghai
Jiangsu and Shanghai, dispute “Wu power” to finally have a clear conclusion. Recently, the Supreme Court of Appeal of Jiangsu Provincial Superior People, rejected the “Suzhou Wu able,” the appeal, the maintenance of the Suzhou Intermediate People’s Court decision. Rain comes from the wind, Shanghai,Ray Ban RB3016 Clubmaster  “Wu measure” the next target will not be Yangzhou “Wu power”? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed Yangzhou Wuliangcai deputy general manager Zhu Qingcheng glasses.
Zhu Qingcheng told reporters, Suzhou, “Wu measure” was lost, largely due to his authorization to change the size of the police, “Wu power”, if Shanghai, “Wu able” to sue Yangzhou “Wu Power, “they will not be lost, because in October 1997 months, Ray Ban RB3211 they joined the Nanjing” Wu power “and Nanjing” Wu power “and Shanghai,” Wu power “there was a difficult to let go of origin.
Wuliangcai 1806 optical store Wuliangcai opened in Shanghai. Before the release, “Wu power” fifth descendant of Wu generation in Nanjing City and a boutique, in 1956, Wu city meet the national appeal sunglasses Ray Ban woman , take the initiative to seek public-private partnerships Wuliangcai glasses, According to the national policy to receive a fixed rate. In the 1990s, the company also changed its name to Shanghai Wuliangcai optical store, Shanghai Sanlian (group) Wuliangcai glasses.Ray Ban small  Zhu Qingcheng only if remo