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James Bond Sunglasses

Fifty-year-old twenty-four films, countless exotic locations, dozens of women, super villains, God only knows how Macedonia vodka James Bond not only survived but became the ultimate gentleman style icon rayban clubmaster.

Whether it be cars, clothes or gadgets, blow Bond, never miss.
007 to make his long-awaited “ghost” screen back, we examined the legacy of decades of styles, from his classic Connery to the present day.
In the first film of James Bond, Dr. No (1962), Sean Connery 007 did not wear sunglasses – in fact, the only one appears in this film is his US counterpart Felix Leiter of wear. The exact model shape is unknown, but they are definitely the eyes of a cat that we see today in a person, it would be very unusual Ray Ban sunglasses!

From Russia with Love (1963)

In the following film, “From Russia with Love” (1963), a pair of super-spy movement of his own shadow, so strange, we see them first that he was wearing in the famous Hagia Sophia in Istanbul , Barely ideal location. To our knowledge, this pair is Oliver Goldsmith “consular” and still manufactured today!
Lei Ting (1965)

In Thunderball (1965), James Bond (James Bond) is considered one of the first examples of wearing polarized lenses: Polaroid cool Ray N135. Over the years with use (and abuse), the majority of the gadget makes it a step forward that always cuRay Ban Round Metal rve !

Kill the Road (1985)

Is a bit disconcerting, sunglasses almost completely disappeared from the universe of James Bond over the next 20 years despite the leading role in “killing the murders” of 1985. Super rare Willy Bogner 7003 ton Eschenbach when the movie started , 007 in Siberia, and later in the area of ​​the enemy in the north of France is disguised as “James St. John Smith”, he makes a pair of custom, Persol look like shadows and let him see through A window tinted ray ban polarized glasses online.

Quick access to the era Pierce Brosnan, as well as GoldenEye (1995). During this period, 007 years, 007 wearing a pair of actual Persol sunglasses, even though he stopped a model in 26 days, he was in Cuba during the trip.

World is not enough (1999)

In the next film “Pierce Brosnan” “Out of the World” (1999), sunglasses once again play an active role in the film. This time it is a ready-made with custom blue lens specifications (ANT BLUE 50X19, if you want to know). In the casino scene, Bond came to visit a variety of enemy guns and knives in his room with a “X ray” vision. Elsewhere in the same movie, 007 during the ski pursuit, a pair of Calvin Klein sunglasses 2007 Super Rock. cheap glasses
Death Day (2002)

The last film by Pierce Brosnan “Death Another Day” (2002) saw Bond in Cuba, and also returned Persol – (perhaps by chance, the most famous Persol is the Havana color scheme?) Model, Persol 2672 is Specially designed for film, the brand said that they are “tailor-made to match the brand identity of Bond eyeglasses and character – sober elegance and complexity online glasses.
Casino Royale (2006) – Full cast and crew

Although the next film is a new film, “Daniel Craig” (Daniel Craig), select 007 glasses always firmly thrown the film for the next film, “Casino Royale” (2006 Royal Casino). There are two pairs of Persol shades: in the first half of the film, Bond wearing a 2244 model, it has a rectangular metal frame, and in the second half of 2720 is a more classic tortoiseshell frame,woman sunglasses  being made public in a special edition Of the film.

Quantum (2008)

In “Quantum of Solace” (2008), the exact model of Bond sunglasses worn by the subject of 007 fans of some controversy, because Bond door in the film of Tom Ford 108 appears to be an old one Discontinued Exact from the popular air force Oliver. Legend, Airman model production team originally selected but signed licensing agreements Tom Ford (Tom Ford) produced a copy model (Tom Ford 108), which is

Skyfall (2012)
Ray Ban 3447

In the movie of Tom Ford for the 007 connection: broken sky Murder (2012). This time it is not for the special edition of the cinema, but one of the Tom Ford ranges of standard models, Sunglasses MARKO (FT0144), is still available.

Ghost (2015)

In the next ghost (2015), the Daniel Craig sunglasses (Daniel Craig) will once again sporting Tom Ford (Tom Ford) and information from the current point of view he may have three different frames. From their appearance in the band-announcement Ray Ban online store