Ray Ban silver mirror carrera glasses cheap

The recovery of all the beautiful things in spring, raiban when he is out of town people Ray Ban red,Ray Ban gold,Ray Ban green and Ray Ban blue . Daming optical timely introduction of “beautiful flower flowers, a good mirror with Chunhui” cheap dishwasher as the theme of the sunlight series of promotional lenses promotional activities, just to meet people’s anti-glare, UV protection, Anti-glare demand. From April 5 to June 15 to the glasses of the Ming Dynasty each customer chains with the following objectives can get the following benefits wayfarer sunglasses :
A, coloring, decolorization, polarized lenses 8.8 folding, including: Nikon dye, colored glasses, 2, Essilor stain, polarized lenses, 3, Hoya discoloration, lens staining; 4, dyeing Apollo, colored glasses, 5, Shi Naide dyeing lenses; 6, light can Laid dye lens.


Color, spot, polarized lenses with degrees, both the vision correction but the UV blockage of the sun. That myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia people with their sunglasses degrees customize Ray Ban craft.
● Colorful colored lenses can show personality and clothing, especially suitable for outdoor work, movement of people and catch up with the personality of the fashion to wear.
● Avoided lenses with prescription eyewear wearer to suit different indoor and outdoor environments to replace or choose to wear glasses of difficulty. Sale varieties Daming lenses, high-tech content. trendy glasses The latest generation of photochromic lenses in the room was transparent, such as ordinary light man sunglasses, discoloration, faster discoloration, deeper environment high-temperature color, so that the user feel more at home ‘easy.
● Polarized lenses eliminate reflections from all directions, which makes the objects appear more clearly for driving and outdoors.
Second, the consumption of gift coupons fashionable glasses:
During the event, Ming glasses come all customers the opportunity to get new dealers to customers in more than $ 500 full Ming glasses, will be able to more preferential price to buy sunglasses and contact lenses, the Maximum discount of 7.5 times. You like high-quality Ming dynasty glasses while optometry services, you and your family and friends can also get a bigger discount. As follows wayfarer ray ban:
1, spending 500, blue gift certificate, coupon holder Sunglasses 8.5 times spectacle frame man , 9.4 pli contact lenses available;
2, $ 1000 spending, gift vouchers money, good vouchers 20% discount on the purchase of sunglasses, contact lenses purchase 9.2 times;
3, spend 2000 yuan, gold ticket donated, ticket holders 25% discount on the purchase of sunglasses, contact lenses bought 10% women sunglasses.
Welcome to the glasses of the Ming Dynasty, select the appropriate goal, enjoy the preferential prices.
In addition, in April and May purchase gifts sunglasses brand:
1, April customers with Nikon and Essilor Transitions Objectives one, will receive a mobile phone power.
2, buy glasses sent Li Meng (sunglasses or frames) sent Li Meng send a clear umbrella.
3, a variety of high-definition contact lenses Hydron buy three get one free glasses.