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“Wu Measure” is a well-known optical industry hundred years,cheap woman sunglasses,men sunglasses,kids sunglasses  many consumers are directed on this flagship store lens. The city of Yangzhou, Jiangdu, Yizheng, Gaoyou Street hanging signs “Wu” capable of more than 10 optical shops, are not “family”, and some joined Shanghai, Nanjing and some joined. Recently, with the “Wu measurement” case of trademark infringement, this dispute mark “war” spread to Yangzhou Ray Ban sunglasses . Affiliated Nanjing “Wu power” shop Yangzhou will want to change the sign.
Yangzhou “Wu able” There are two clubs

On Sunday, the public Yangzhou told reporters reflect, before New Year’s Day he was in Shanghai, “Wu measure” new seat with a pair of glasses, frames and soon a slight problem, because at that time , The service staff told him that the glasses can be in the country “Wu measurement” franchise UNPROFOR, back to Yang, he went to the city Ray Ban original wayfarer , optical shops “Wu able”, hoping to help The server service, but it was rejected. It is proven that this “Wu power” nor “Wu able. ”
The same is “Wu able”, why not a man? Originally, the city hanging “Wu” signs capable of a dozen optical store, in fact from Shanghai, Nanjing two “club. “Wu measurement” optical store in October 1997 to join the Nanjing “Wu power”, Ray Ban online store at present, a wen shop,Ray Ban sunglasses cheap Wenchang store, Mochizuki Road, Times store supermarket four facade. Yizheng, Gaoyou, Jiangdu, Baoying several “Wu power” are gathered in Shanghai, “Wu able.” He leaves perplexed, two stores in Shanghai Jiangdu, Yangzhou was actually “Wu power” open.
Four “Wu measures” alleged offense Ray Ban Mirror
“Who is the authentic Wu power? “Insiders told reporters,” Wu power “as well-known brands, Shanghai Wu, able Wuliangcai Nanjing, Suzhou Wu power, Wuxi Wuliangcai several theories over the years around this old conflict not stopped.
Two years ago, from Shanghai, “Wu able” destabilize Suzhou, “Wu measure”,Ray Ban RB8301  in Jiangsu City 6 judicial proceedings, respectively, 6 cases after the trial, the judicial proceedings were closed. Not long ago, the first in Suzhou Intermediate People’s Court of First Instance verdict: Suzhou Wu able to no longer use the size “Wu measure”.eyeglass frames  The reason for this is Suzhou, “Wu measure” in the case of Shanghai, “Wu measure” brand has no historical roots, without the size of the police from “Dent” to “Wu power”, with a rise ” Wu able “is suspected subjective, only” Wu power “is the legal owner of the brand in Shanghai.
Yesterday afternoon, reporters log on Shanghai, “Wu” able seat. Cao joined the brand department again confirmed: counties and cities of Yangzhou “Wu able” to join the company’s store, urban “Wu able” not to join the range carrera sunglasses .
“Wu” able seat of the Department of Justice responsible for the name of Zhang believes that the Yangzhou four brand “Wu measure” to use, with its very similar offense, suspected registered. They will be right next to initiate legal proceedings reservations. Such as the success of the rights, these four stores, will no longer be “Wu” capable Marques RB3016 Clubmaster .
Nanjing Wu able to join, so there is no need to join Shanghai
Jiangsu and Shanghai, dispute “Wu power” to finally have a clear conclusion. Recently, the Supreme Court of Appeal of Jiangsu Provincial Superior People, rejected the “Suzhou Wu able,” the appeal, the maintenance of the Suzhou Intermediate People’s Court decision. Rain comes from the wind, Shanghai,Ray Ban RB3016 Clubmaster  “Wu measure” the next target will not be Yangzhou “Wu power”? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed Yangzhou Wuliangcai deputy general manager Zhu Qingcheng glasses.
Zhu Qingcheng told reporters, Suzhou, “Wu measure” was lost, largely due to his authorization to change the size of the police, “Wu power”, if Shanghai, “Wu able” to sue Yangzhou “Wu Power, “they will not be lost, because in October 1997 months, Ray Ban RB3211 they joined the Nanjing” Wu power “and Nanjing” Wu power “and Shanghai,” Wu power “there was a difficult to let go of origin.
Wuliangcai 1806 optical store Wuliangcai opened in Shanghai. Before the release, “Wu power” fifth descendant of Wu generation in Nanjing City and a boutique, in 1956, Wu city meet the national appeal sunglasses Ray Ban woman , take the initiative to seek public-private partnerships Wuliangcai glasses, According to the national policy to receive a fixed rate. In the 1990s, the company also changed its name to Shanghai Wuliangcai optical store, Shanghai Sanlian (group) Wuliangcai glasses.Ray Ban small  Zhu Qingcheng only if remo