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Official website evergreen recently announced eyeglasses it would launch a passive 3D glasses DN-82945 and the DN-82947 plug-glasses is mounted on an ordinary glasses, Ray Ban Wayfarer price and can be sold through the Shanghai casing, direct selling prices DN-82947 is 699 days yuan, while DN-82945 499 yen.
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Lights sale cheap Shanghai two polarized 3D glasses





Equipped with a polarizing filter is polarized 3D glasses Ray Ban cheap man , can effectively reduce the price of the product and features, the price is really cheap. Even the additional purchase, do not spend too much money on the price.

Lights sale cheap Shanghai two polarized 3D glasses cheap rayban new wayfarer sunglasses

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Other 3D glasses DN-82945 is also divided into two products,Ray Ban collection 2014  the use of two types of glasses and glasses different circular quadrilateral patterns, sizes noted in use, the size of the earglass round glasses folded after 145 × 45 × 25 mm, and a square of 150 × 40 × 45 mm. Both are 20g weight.

Lights sale cheap Shanghai two polarized 3D glasses

Plastic goggles DN-82947 Ray Ban glasses balances

Plug-glasses can be hung on ordinary glasses, when you want to use as long as you can attach to the glasses. A size of 130 × 38 × 10 mm. It weighs only 10g optician.