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Jinhua staff of the myopia treatment center came to the development zone cheap rayban new wayfarer sunglasses  jinhua Qiubin primary school, screening vision for children 3025. The staff gave the children issued a number of declaration of the stationery and the Vision, tell them how to protect the eyes. A Zhong reporter in the photo
Each year, the organization of the city health department of affiliated ophthalmological hospitals and clinics for students of Jinhua City schools, each visual inspection. Recently, more than a thousand students of different results of the detection of different grade school grades, students of visual acuity is not optimistic,Ray Ban Wayfarer folding  in addition to the number of students in grades 1 to 3 for the Individual primary school of myopia, section myopia section of high school students 20%. Middle and high school students the average rate of the class of myopia Qi Cheng.



A college in the city, while walking in a classroom,Ray Ban highstreet  at first glance, most students must wear glasses. Master Li told reporters, students read and now write much better posture, many students who have the eye away from this work is getting closer, and some even want to feel like Coushang bezel mount. Li often to correct the duties of students in class position, let them out of school for more outdoors, leans on distance, relieve eye strain
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City personal myopia treatment center, said more and more rapid myopia students, ages become younger age, which is mainly caused by unhealthy lifestyles. At the same time, Ray Ban Warrior the popularity of electronic products has also accelerated the trend of developing the younger age of myopia. The child’s eyes are still the growth and development of some children like to read books or play phone lying in bed, excessive use as well as posture is not correct, it is easy to myopia
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“Some classic advice of eyes, eyes beneficial to the eyes, especially adult children, deserve a note. The staff said, for students to read and write good posture is very important, nonstandard posture is the main cause of myopia. Ray Ban eyewear Insist on doing ocular exercises. Eye regular examination each year, add more vegetables and fruits. You can not watch television too close to the screen. When watching TV, it is best to have the lights. Computer access time should not be too long, usually preferably 1 hour, to avoid visual fatigue. Do not write a small, close-up words, do not read small readings close together. Keep your exercise,Ray Ban Wayfarer original  do outdoor activities more. Myopia occurs when the situation, qualified to wear appropriate glasses. A long time reading, looking at the computer, it will reduce blinking eyes, causing the drying of the eyes, so should generally more blinking eyes, keep the eyes moist sun glasses woman.