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Under normal circumstances, the child was two years old at the time of his view accessible to adult c

, parents can basically confirm his visual acuity before the children go to school. At present, many parents than their children after physical examination of the school began to focus their vision Ray Ban Top Bar , ophthalmologists recommend that if a child is reading, literacy, opportunities are multiply eyes Closer, parents should have the child regularly check the vision, at least check once a year, to detect the signs of myopia, quickly corrected.

With regard to prevention and treatment of myopia, in addition to paying attention to eye health buying glasses online , usually have to be careful not to let children watch television for a long time playing computer, mobile phone, Often the scene Yuanwang 5 meters (preferably green plants), and so on. Prevention and treatment of myopia, balanced nutrition is also important.




Only a complete food intake, Ray Ban glasses man to ensure the thickness of the eye wall and “strong” and thus easy to myopia. The body lacks zinc, iron and other trace elements is one of the causes of myopia in children, especially zinc, parents give the child a full intake of meat and other Foods rich in zinc.
Do not let the eye “wins” the parents will see

This year of the International Festival of the Blind, deputy director of Li Li Hospital the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People, he anxiously told reporters that China today blinds about 700 million people,Ray Ban RB8305  70% to 80% Concentrated in the elderly population, especially on the age of 50 parents. Cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal disease and even trauma could cause blindness. It should be noted in particular that cataract surgery can, glaucoma is irreversible, uncontrolled over time, treatment can lead to blindness.

As a result, parents find their children as abnormal vision Ray Ban Wayfarer RB2132 , seeing things such as shadows or distortion, eye pain with nausea, vomiting and other symptoms they should go with their parents to an eye examination by an equipment special. Do not let things randomly found in most elderly clinical parents feel vision loss is a normal phenomenon they tend to linger long the whole eye can not see and we must go to the hospital, Discover too late Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap .

Beware of eye sight away from parents, Li Li recommended that elderly should first pay attention to the health of the eyes, many elderly now run very fashionable, they also have theater, play To games persol sunglasses , often bubble on the phone, the computer I pad, a look that is a few hours. Overuse easily lead to dry eye. Usually the eyes last more than 45 minutes to 1 hour, he must rest for 10 minutes or do other work to facilitate. The computer can usually put down, the eyelids wide open are not, more blinking. Second avoiding fighting, injuries due to an accident, and finally do not advocate to do heavy severity of patients live myopia.  Ray Ban Wanderer It should be noted that, bad habits with eyes, such as at night or in the dark half read books and newspapers, watch sewing, mobile phones, cheap dishwashers computers can cause fatigue and affect health visual.