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In fact, through network marketing glasses,Ray Ban Clubmaster  appeared at the beginning of the Internet, many people were tried, including the use of B2C and other models for sale but ultimately failed. Later, with the rise of Taobao and the supplier model of electricity shift, glasses have gradually found a place in the network, but overall sales are not optimistic. Even though the rise of a sales group of color contact lenses, sunglasses and other fashion products based independent power supplier, also did not really fit the training of the business model Sales eyewear in essence cheap ray ban Butterfly glasses.



But with progressive improvement O2O (Online For Offline) mode, many industry insiders are beginning to see eyeglasses and network integration can make changes. Billion on e-commerce glasses general manager Li Changli Co., once preached: “O2O fashion is a combination of optical industry the most appropriate development of the business model of the Internet Wayfarer Ray Ban .” Optical retail stores that sell products are mainly semi-finished products must pass scientific fit, processing into finished products to the end consumer use. To learn more about the consumer before the information glasses, such as brand,Ray Ban Round  style, price, quality, convenience degree glasses, had to go to the retail store, and now long been accustomed To online shopping, consumers are more willing to collect the product from the Internet information, see user comments, compare prices, look for store locations, and so on, they were made in Face all kinds of decide how to store consumption. However, the network can not completely solve all the problems of manufacturing a finished lens, professional and technical aspects related to mounting optometry bezel line , machining and other processes still need to be implemented to operate the shop. Therefore, in the “ubiquitous network” today, the eyewear industry is true as Internet-based products, commercial channels, marketing these three aspects, so that consumers can always display, search, Combined with the line-up establishment of the store service in order to save its shopping areas, offers practical business models, increase the store’s grip with consumers,Ray Ban sunglasses  stand firmly in the market.

So if the electricity provider for the store in terms of the use of good O2O models are a vital component. When traditional optical retail stores due to high rent and exit the street facade, in the second floor or basement, even when the office, how to increase the degree of grip with existing customers, Attract tourists Expanding low-cost channels is critical, in addition to electricity suppliers want to decorate the glasses of the market glasses something,Ray Ban Jackie Ohh  and have the level of the shop expertise and service has become the best choice for cooperation. Therefore, the optical industry needs O2O, need the perfect mix and interact online and offline, and all this is the Internet for opportunities and changes in the optical retailing industry Ray ban cheap glasses .

Although a lot of discussions before O2O for the benefits of the optical industry, but so far, either from or in the line of the O2O business line, successfully a few, however, founder Li Changli Billions of dollars on eyewear that the establishment of 020 the optical industry is indeed very challenging challenge, because in the Internet + billions on spectacle field glasses and Ray Ban Cockpit  actively explore Many years, been able to reach today. Apart from a handful of well-known companies, others essentially lamentable. So in the end is what hinders the development of O2O optical industry it? Let us analyze the following aspects Ray Ban 2132:

First: Internet awareness. Many optical retail executives recognize the important role of the electricity supplier for the store, and began to build O2O, but because they did not understand the real sensory and cognitive networks, often break badly beaten, but No final harvest. There are people, because there is a deep understanding of the network characteristics,Ray Ban 2140  a twisting encounter and turns on loss, and finally chose to give up. Therefore, no network comprehensive and deep understanding of the company, most only scratched the surface Ray Ban blind