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Has officially implemented the “Surveillance and regulation of medical devices” cheap ray ban Aviator glasses newly revised more than three months, the provisions of the sale of contact lenses without a minimum fine of $ 50,000. But reporters found that the sale of unlicensed contact lenses Linyi a few shops, and even contact lenses in the nail shop is also available cheap glasses .

18, the reporter visited the city a number of jewelry and nail shops found that most of these stores are still selling contact lenses, these glasses are placed in the discrete corner store Ray Ban sunglasses cheap







Reporters in the vicinity of a jewelry store on the Linyi people square in a circle, but not found contact lenses, try to maintain the idea of ​​being a reporter asked tally clerk. The clerk immediately into a dark lower shelf and Ray Ban Junior  pulled out a box of foam, each of the glasses as long as 30 yuan.

Reporters saw the boxes stood on the four US student, eyeglass label indiq

Ue Korean origin, but not like other contact lenses, as indicated at the time of the harbor.

Clerk, these glasses are selling well, every purchase will soon be exhausted, Ray Ban rb2140 this did not have replenishment in time, leaving only the impression in pure black. He told reporters that when you want to buy prescription glasses, buy glasses, the clerk said to have no degree, a degree if you want to buy can go to the nail shop next to ask, or spend more Money to the store to buy glasses.

Subsequently, the reporter went to the nail shop, a store clerk in the same humble sunglasses Ray Ban  against finding hard with glasses and said the United States contact lens pencil 50 yuan one, is imported directly from South Korea, the best selling color is unusual brown color, and red, light blue, etc., but not myopia Ray Ban Original.

Reporters asked a total of five stores, where a jewelry store, and two nail shops said the shop must sell contact lenses, these three store clerks said they did not have to sell contact lenses Need to know what the license rb 3025 .

In addition to these jewelry stores and a nail shop, the reporter in the city, on a night market Jiefang found that small individual jewelry vendors and street vendors also sell glasses, contact lenses, Price between 25 yuan to 60 yuan each.Ray Ban outdoorsman
Ray Ban shop  “Most of this night market is zero beauty glasses of students, I must here can be personalized with corrective lenses, but must add 50 dollars, about three days can happen. ” Stall an engagement path.