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Then, Mr. Dumano, Chief Executive Officer of Essilor Greater China armani sunglasses woman , and Ms. Chen Luyi, Chief Operating Officer of Shanghai Essilor Optics Co., Ltd. joined hands with the industry’s “big brother” to shake their mobile phones to make their photos converge as a sign Love like the lights follow the light, declared love like the lens officially listed.

Designed for the glasses industry VR reciprocal equipment
As the global leader in the lens industry innovation, Essilor also showcased the current hottest virtual reality technology in the glasses industry results. Essilor’s VR-Nautilus is an experience device designed to distinguish it from other VRs on the market, designed specifically for the optical retail industry. Nautilus through the real scene simulation, Ray Ban polarized glass without glasses and wait, so that consumers the most intuitive experience of different depending on the visual lens brought by the imagination of the visual experience. In addition it can also adjust the monocular pupil distance and mirror distance, and in accordance with the needs of customers, adjust the use of visual clarity, so that feel more real mirror experience. Virtual reality of the ultra-high technology will greatly narrow the original can not try the lens and the distance between consumers wayfarer style glasses .



Flagship brand and then heavy punch
Essilor’s flagship brand Wanli Road ®, launched at the same time to the industry launched the “Miles Rookie Triathlon”, aimed at online and offline learning and interaction, driving the overall industry technological progress, which is not only a glasses People’s carnival, but also in the new media era, to show the vitality of the glasses industry with the times Ray Ban new collection 2014 .
Diamond crystal family has been upgrading for many years, diamond crystal A4 layer has been set to prevent glare, wear resistance, dirt, dust, water, double-sided UV protection and blue filter 1 as a whole, SPF2 index concept has been accepted by the industry and more and more consumers, as a measure of the lens layer of one of the important indicators.
Essilism and the concept of exhibition
Innovation is the soul of Essilor, corporate social responsibility is Essence Road ahead of the inexhaustible motive force. In 2015, Essilor harvested many awards in the industry Ray Ban Clubmaster Vintage , including the most respected corporate award and the most influential brand award of Chinese eyewear selection, and for five consecutive years by Forbes magazine as the world’s most innovative optometry One of the company. Essilor Avenue, the concept of space base station presented around the “love like praise, depending on the heart” theme set a series of rich and interesting links, bringing novel and interesting experience, but also reflects the sense of science and technology, but also show Essilor led the optical industry, is bound to scientific and technological innovation in the end of the determination. In addition to the exhibition site, WeChat platform has also launched a PK eyes of the game, Ray Ban sunglasses balances while entertainment, appeal to the industry and outside attention to vision health. If you can not go to the exhibition site to personally experience the experience, may wish to follow the way to WeChat to an intimate interaction!

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Abstract: In early spring in February Sunglasses roberto cavalli , Fang Fei bloom, China (Shanghai) International Optical Industry Exhibition entered the sixteenth year. A hundred years of brand Essilor Road in this vibrant season, “love like praise, depending on the heart” as the theme, to full of future technology sense of spacecraft for the booth prototype design, wonderful debut Expo Pavilion.
Early spring in February, Fang Fei bloom, China (Shanghai) International Optical Industry Exhibition into the sixteenth year. Centennial brand Essilor in this vibrant season, “love like praise,white sunglasses  depending on the heart” as the theme, to full of future technology sense of spacecraft for the booth prototype design, debut Expo exhibition hall.
Focus  on interconnected life

Worldwide, the average daily use of more than 7 hours a day digital products. For the electronic screen is too high brightness, smaller fonts and eye with too long time caused by eye health problems, according to the road group developed a diamond crystal praise praise digital life lenses, the series of lenses for a variety of vision correction Demand, but also can effectively alleviate the multi-screen era brought about by a variety of visual symptoms. Official Ray Ban  Love the sudden special technology – precision focus technology, specifically used to match the different reading distance, effectively alleviate the use of digital screen for a long time to produce visual fatigue, so that eye adjustment more comfortable. The same intelligent blue light filter technology is applied to protect the eyes from harmful blue light from the screen and retain the color reproduction while maximizing the protection of the eyes while the WAVE wave front technology enables the wearer to enjoy higher Clear sharp vision Official Site Ray Ban.

In the 49th Paris International Optical Fair (SILMO World Optical Show) held from September 25th to 28th, 2015, Essilor was awarded Silmo d ‘ Or Gold, this new lens to meet the increasing use of digital screen brought about by the new vision protection and relaxation needs.
Light up
Exhibition on the first day of the diamond crystal praise lens launch ceremony, harvest almost all of China’s optical industry’s most influential institutions of the full support. “China has always been a big country of myopia, with the popularity of digital life, consumers in addition to the basic vision correction function, Internet purchase window  but also to solve the digital screen to the eyes caused by the troubles, we need innovative technology,” said Mr. Cui Yi, chairman of China Optical Association, said: Products and innovative marketing methods to activate this market to meet the needs of consumers! As a leader in the international optical industry, we are pleased to see Essilor and new products come out. “Tianjin Eye Hospital Party Secretary, deputy Dean Li Jie as the representative of the eye hospital, in recent years for young people increasingly seeking video terminal syndrome solution of the status quo Ray Ban sunglasses 2014 , feel: “Today is pleased to see Essilor launched a drill We hope that we can provide consumers with effective solutions and help the industry to grow. “” China glasses “magazine editor Mr. He Qing also expressed love for the love of this product, specifically for digital life and development, we hope to take this can provide consumers with effective solutions, Praise the blessing,Ray Ban sun glasses cheap  and praise for praise

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Abstract: Each brand and company are very focused on branding,Ray Ban eyeglass frame so the brand information is to understand the brand and where the company developed how the fastest way, this article will provide you with Essilor brand latest news, product news, etc. The latest information on the road, hoping to help you in a short period of time a clearer understanding of Essence Road brand.
Essilor’s latest news: ray Ban color

Essilor Company Profile:

Essilor Essilor (Shanghai Essilor Optical Co., Ltd.)
Founded: 1849 Registered capital: 45.5 million US dollars Brand origin: France Tel: 400-8207111 Online shop: 6 Merchants information: View investment
Shanghai Essilor Optical Co., Ltd., the lens of the top ten brands, founded in France in 1849, focused on the field of ophthalmic optics, the world of optical field experts, resin lenses and progressive lenses industry famous to produce and sell …
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Essilor originated in 1849 France, Paris, has been more than 160 years of history glasses for men.
Essilor focuses on the field of ophthalmic optics, and the lens is fully integrated with human vision and optics, and is the world leader in optometry.
Continuous innovation has always been the core gene of Essilor. In 1959, Essilor created resin lenses and progressive lenses, with more than 5600 patents worldwide and one of the most innovative companies in the world for three consecutive years.
Shanghai Essilor Optical Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, is the French Essilor International Group in China’s wholly-owned enterprises, the total investment of up to 53 million US dollars Ray Ban glasses Woman 2014 . Located in Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Park factory, covering 35,000 square meters, the introduction of today’s most advanced lens production equipment and technology, according to the international standards of Essence Road production process and management.
Shanghai Essilor Company attaches great importance to the quality of Chinese optical industry practitioners, and Tianjin Eye Hospital co-founder of Tianjin Miles Road as the optical vocational training schools,Ray Ban sunglasses child  to carry out optometry, glasses of the various levels of training and evaluation of identification, progressive multifocal lens fitting technology Special training and training courses of various types of marketing courses for the optical industry practitioners to provide a visual science and technology life-long education place.
Essilor is committed to promoting the standardization of Chinese lens production and fundamentally improving the standardization of lens production,roberto cavalli sunglasses in line with international standards, so that Chinese consumers Can enjoy a safe, clear, beautiful, comfortable high-quality resin lenses.