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Abstract: In early spring in February Sunglasses roberto cavalli , Fang Fei bloom, China (Shanghai) International Optical Industry Exhibition entered the sixteenth year. A hundred years of brand Essilor Road in this vibrant season, “love like praise, depending on the heart” as the theme, to full of future technology sense of spacecraft for the booth prototype design, wonderful debut Expo Pavilion.
Early spring in February, Fang Fei bloom, China (Shanghai) International Optical Industry Exhibition into the sixteenth year. Centennial brand Essilor in this vibrant season, “love like praise,white sunglasses  depending on the heart” as the theme, to full of future technology sense of spacecraft for the booth prototype design, debut Expo exhibition hall.
Focus  on interconnected life

Worldwide, the average daily use of more than 7 hours a day digital products. For the electronic screen is too high brightness, smaller fonts and eye with too long time caused by eye health problems, according to the road group developed a diamond crystal praise praise digital life lenses, the series of lenses for a variety of vision correction Demand, but also can effectively alleviate the multi-screen era brought about by a variety of visual symptoms. Official Ray Ban  Love the sudden special technology – precision focus technology, specifically used to match the different reading distance, effectively alleviate the use of digital screen for a long time to produce visual fatigue, so that eye adjustment more comfortable. The same intelligent blue light filter technology is applied to protect the eyes from harmful blue light from the screen and retain the color reproduction while maximizing the protection of the eyes while the WAVE wave front technology enables the wearer to enjoy higher Clear sharp vision Official Site Ray Ban.

In the 49th Paris International Optical Fair (SILMO World Optical Show) held from September 25th to 28th, 2015, Essilor was awarded Silmo d ‘ Or Gold, this new lens to meet the increasing use of digital screen brought about by the new vision protection and relaxation needs.
Light up
Exhibition on the first day of the diamond crystal praise lens launch ceremony, harvest almost all of China’s optical industry’s most influential institutions of the full support. “China has always been a big country of myopia, with the popularity of digital life, consumers in addition to the basic vision correction function, Internet purchase window  but also to solve the digital screen to the eyes caused by the troubles, we need innovative technology,” said Mr. Cui Yi, chairman of China Optical Association, said: Products and innovative marketing methods to activate this market to meet the needs of consumers! As a leader in the international optical industry, we are pleased to see Essilor and new products come out. “Tianjin Eye Hospital Party Secretary, deputy Dean Li Jie as the representative of the eye hospital, in recent years for young people increasingly seeking video terminal syndrome solution of the status quo Ray Ban sunglasses 2014 , feel: “Today is pleased to see Essilor launched a drill We hope that we can provide consumers with effective solutions and help the industry to grow. “” China glasses “magazine editor Mr. He Qing also expressed love for the love of this product, specifically for digital life and development, we hope to take this can provide consumers with effective solutions, Praise the blessing,Ray Ban sun glasses cheap  and praise for praise