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Then, Mr. Dumano, Chief Executive Officer of Essilor Greater China armani sunglasses woman , and Ms. Chen Luyi, Chief Operating Officer of Shanghai Essilor Optics Co., Ltd. joined hands with the industry’s “big brother” to shake their mobile phones to make their photos converge as a sign Love like the lights follow the light, declared love like the lens officially listed.

Designed for the glasses industry VR reciprocal equipment
As the global leader in the lens industry innovation, Essilor also showcased the current hottest virtual reality technology in the glasses industry results. Essilor’s VR-Nautilus is an experience device designed to distinguish it from other VRs on the market, designed specifically for the optical retail industry. Nautilus through the real scene simulation, Ray Ban polarized glass without glasses and wait, so that consumers the most intuitive experience of different depending on the visual lens brought by the imagination of the visual experience. In addition it can also adjust the monocular pupil distance and mirror distance, and in accordance with the needs of customers, adjust the use of visual clarity, so that feel more real mirror experience. Virtual reality of the ultra-high technology will greatly narrow the original can not try the lens and the distance between consumers wayfarer style glasses .



Flagship brand and then heavy punch
Essilor’s flagship brand Wanli Road ®, launched at the same time to the industry launched the “Miles Rookie Triathlon”, aimed at online and offline learning and interaction, driving the overall industry technological progress, which is not only a glasses People’s carnival, but also in the new media era, to show the vitality of the glasses industry with the times Ray Ban new collection 2014 .
Diamond crystal family has been upgrading for many years, diamond crystal A4 layer has been set to prevent glare, wear resistance, dirt, dust, water, double-sided UV protection and blue filter 1 as a whole, SPF2 index concept has been accepted by the industry and more and more consumers, as a measure of the lens layer of one of the important indicators.
Essilism and the concept of exhibition
Innovation is the soul of Essilor, corporate social responsibility is Essence Road ahead of the inexhaustible motive force. In 2015, Essilor harvested many awards in the industry Ray Ban Clubmaster Vintage , including the most respected corporate award and the most influential brand award of Chinese eyewear selection, and for five consecutive years by Forbes magazine as the world’s most innovative optometry One of the company. Essilor Avenue, the concept of space base station presented around the “love like praise, depending on the heart” theme set a series of rich and interesting links, bringing novel and interesting experience, but also reflects the sense of science and technology, but also show Essilor led the optical industry, is bound to scientific and technological innovation in the end of the determination. In addition to the exhibition site, WeChat platform has also launched a PK eyes of the game, Ray Ban sunglasses balances while entertainment, appeal to the industry and outside attention to vision health. If you can not go to the exhibition site to personally experience the experience, may wish to follow the way to WeChat to an intimate interaction!

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In 1982, Shanghai will look at Sun Yat-sen glasses in 1917,Ray Ban red,Ray Ban gold,Ray Ban green and Ray Ban blue  the company wrote banner – “excellence” in the former residence of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Shanghai donated to the permanent collection. Today, tourists come to visit the former residence of Shanghai Zhongshan, in a small building, I looked up and I could see Mr. Zhongshan room of precious manuscript ink. Reference to “excellence,” the four words, had to start from the modern Chinese optical industry speaks Ray Ban cheap Ray Ban 3026
 Ray Ban 3362.According to Chinese and foreign historical documents, glasses originated in China, it is an ancient cultural heritage, the art of medicine in China. Ming and Qing, Jiangsu Wujiang Sun Yun ball concave glass concave hand to correct myopia, glasses produced for the Chinese founder. L8 early century, glasses Suzhou Shanghai Suzhou. The early use of crystal glasses, crystal glasses, citrine, Mo Jing and other natural spath grinding, copper frame, wood, horn, tortoise shell or similar, belonging to business people Which play game objects of text game savant, jewelry obtained only in antiques store of.Ray Ban Wayfarer rb2140 Ray Ban jackie ohh ii As far as the scientific method of optometry, buyers and sellers is totally ignorant. According to 1876 (years of the Qing Dynasty) written by Xu Yuan Ge records “Shanghai Fanchang”: Shanghai freight, the city of polyethylene in there. …… ancient jade in the new North Gate, North Gate in the new glasses.

After the opening in 1843, western glasses with foreigners settled in Shanghai and growing popularity. Its glass lens as a raw material, after the machines optometry grinding technology,Ray Ban 58014 polarizing glasses Ra y Ban RB3016 the choice of a light metal frame or a metal frame packaging in celluloid (once called “frame Dr.”), with potential brightness, New models and marketing in the city. But due to the traditional concept of ordinary Chinese, despite the myopia of the eye, not accustomed to wearing glasses Ray Ban havana
Ray Ban 5206.
The Qing Dynasty sunglasses police, the English John Gao De in Shanghai, Nanjing Henan Road intersection opened Gao De Matheson, franking machine grinding optometry glasses. In 1911, I was working in Gao De Matheson Zhang Shide and others in the road Lloyd, Nanjing Road (now Liuhe Road) opened mouth a new lean Shanghai glasses company, to compete with foreign suppliers. Modern optics industry as a pioneer in Shanghai, the company imported white glass, Ray Ban 3449 Ray Ban Carbon Fiber draw Western science and optometry eyewear  grinding process and technology, China’s optical industry has a new development. First, the abolition of the old store method established optometric optical card type, optometry technology using a combination of subject and object, and save the appropriate file. For customers with heavy goggles, you can find the name of the raw data used to formulate suitable for wearing glasses. Second, a pure manual lens manufacturing process, imported mechanical polishing equipment, not only can grind all kinds of different natures, different characteristics of the lens, but also started to make or producer of different types of frames carrera sunglasses round sunglasses . In addition, the technical aspects of inspection, grinding, cutting, loading and straightening, system, etc., use of advanced technologies and equipment, thus making the formation of a large Number of professional and technical staff glasses.
Because the lean eyewear company has always attached a good will of importance, genuine, and the price is lower than that of foreign merchandise Matheson and soon occupied the domestic ma rket and have opened new branches in the country.
In 1916, the Guangzhou lean branch glasses opened company vintage glasses Window frame man . Guangdong military government law enforcement Foreign Minister Wu Tingfang, Tang Shaoyi Finance Minister who was attracted to go with glasses. One day in 1917, branch manager Don Morin greeted customers in the store, to find that one dressed in a tunic, wearing a copper basin cap, holding a stick of middle-aged Wen Ming customers with Enthusiasm in the shop. Don felt this familiar client sunglasses rayban , already seen, Made in, when Mr. Ren is the custodian of the military government of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen. Mr. Tang Hurried personally received, and please give Lean calligraphy title sunglasses.Ray Ban RB3016 Clubmaster  A few days later, the law enforcement junta sent Sun Yat-sen handwritten “better” an inscription, inscribed, “Sun Wen”, and stamped the sc

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Diversified development trend from the consumption of these glasses to production, innovation, marketing, distribution and market development also presents a wide range of trends. This diversity cheap rayban new wayfarer sunglasses:

1, species diversity glasses:

The current breed of glasses has been flourishing, colorful. When you walk in glasses to layer Beijing Guiyou against only make you confused. The price of different brands of frames, wide variety lenses, everything. The two Dunhill, crocodiles, Arc de Triomphe, Longines, Dishang Qi, Nikon and other world-renowned brands, but also Nojiri,ray ban wayfarer  classic fashion, Veyron, crocodiles East mid-range glasses. More crystal mirror, anti-fatigue reading glasses mirror and so on.

Sheet of ordinary and hardened resin, and by adding film, thin film and hard, they are lighter and less fragile have advantages, specific properties are also introduced discoloration of the resin lens. There are different types of glass lenses coating, discoloration and the like. Also introduced waterproof, dustproof grams Lens and can rain for a large number of thin lenses Clubmaster Ray Ban .

Its large to small sunglasses, not only color, variety and frame temples also in different design styles. Fully reflects the multicultural flavor. However, in this pluralistic world of glasses to exploit their own characteristics, there is no deep understanding of the culture of glasses is not enough Ray Ban Round Metal.

2, glasses diversification materials;

The development of modern science and technology, the glasses of the material has become increasingly diverse. The most colorful. Changes in the development of modern culture glasses glasses bring a maximum significant change is not the material itself. But the concept of the use of the concept of significant change.bezel line Ray Ban sunglasses  This change is reflected mainly in three aspects. It is:

To focus on functional materials;

To pay attention to matching equipment;

To focus on environmental protection materials.

Through the combination of sheet material or composite design the shape of a simple change of lens more layered, rich in culture connotation, more fashionable, more elegant bezel carrera .

This reaction on the material culture of the concept of comparative cognition “sale sells glasses material” in it, obviously showing the gap has come.

3, functional diversification goggles;

The rapid development of technology, not only the function of glasses has been extended, function and use more diverse, and on a large scale to expand the industry chain upstream and downstream. Many glasses occur not only with special functions but there are in glasses is characterized by extensive product lines and chains.

4, goggles diversification of wholesale channels

Development, expansion of cultural glasses market glasses, wholesale glasses is also known important changes. The development of the market in this diverse cultural influences also have various characteristics Ray Ban Wayfarer folding .

5, diversified corporate philosophy of eyewear

The rapid development of domestic production of the optical industry, bringing glasses, the consumer market continues to expand, but also the formation of intense competition.Ray Ban highstreet  In this case, small and medium-sized domestic enterprises and place eyeglasses spectacles production companies want to maintain the current market share, it must be converted by business ideas, explore a variety of marketing and business philosophy glasses not expensive .

In the past, the kind of “designer goggles present an activity” was insufficient to attract the Zhang Li market. In particular, when the price of glasses became transparent, relying on the traditional price war was impossible to ‘To get more customers, customer demand for the service business is also not limited to a simple in-store service and a traditional service,Ray Ban Wayfarer 2132  business only you can rely on the market change strategy, Diversification and updating the model of marketing services to attract more regular customers.

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The new series of compact and powerful use of the production process, showing the unique design of shape and size through meticulous calibration experiment to create a bold combination Ray Ban Clubmaster 3016 .
Timeless style unisex classic, highlighting the features of Givenchy’s emblematic decorative details through. Decorated with fashion star motif, foot decorated with small water drop metal, four-week frames decorated with gold rivets, U-shaped nails in the hinge on the frame, these details make a unique new design, bezel Is particularly noteworthy.
Givenchy sunglasses collection Spring 2016 includes four models:
Rave series: young, avant-garde urban style, with bright colors and the bold use of combinations of materials
Series Style: avant-garde style with remarkable sense of architectural design, a sense of Lie qiang style
Series Icons: Brand Integration Features and Inherent Trends of Today’s Delicate Framework
Star Series: decorated with “Star” style icons decorative details in classical style Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarer
Superb manufacturing process of high-quality materials to make new splendor flower glasses, highlighting the distinctive brand in the process.
Classic color shades and contrasts of color composition, from black to nude color, red, white or refined mirror effect, with gradient or flash lenses with incredible bold style.

Since January 2016, a new series of glasses will be on sale worldwide, GIVENCHY shops optical shops and upscale boutique upscale stores.

The series uses extreme, wraparound bold and avant-garde all-inclusive concept “Visor”, two different mirror colors completely mixed lenses, glasses to achieve excellent results. Frame decorative mirror arm and decorative details of the rubber, the structural resistance of this weft projection Ray Ban 3364.
Color: black / gold frame with sky blue lenses, palladium and gold / black frame with brown lenses, dark ruthenium frame with gray flash lenses, black frame with brown lenses, white / gold frame With gray lenses.

The series uses a metallic interpretation material perfect for classic aviator style glasses, the bridge has a unique design, two use of geometric lines triangle lines.
Color: semi-matte gold frame with gray lenses, dark ruthenium frame with gray or gradient gray lenses, semi-matte black frame with gray lenses, red with lens orange flash frame, orange frame with brown lenses ,Ray Ban glasses online  The golden palladium frame with green mirror lenses.
This series of elegant, highly contact rivets: these eyeglasses and metal frames rivets metal cleverly integrated into the upper section of the frame profile and mirror arm.
Color: Havana decorated sunglasses, including colored frame gold rivets with brown gradient lenses, adorned with black palladium rivets Havana color frame with green lenses, black frame adorned with gold rivets with Brown gradient glasses, adorned with palladium or rivets black frames with black glasses.
Optical frames, including gold frame decorated with rivet colors Havana, adorned with rivets gold color Dark Havana frame, gold decorated with black frame rivets, palladium rivet decorated with black matt frame Persol sunglasses.
This paragraph is decorated with sharp edges of classical style. Neutral plate sunglasses and optical frames with retro circular design. The bridge with the profilarion refurbished rounded curvature and sharp outline contrast with full modern.
Unique “Staple” is very eye-catching decorative details: one of the thin metallic lines connected to the chassis and the mirror arm, have become emblematic features.
Color: Transparent sunglasses includes olive frames with brown lenses, Havana color frame with blue lenses, black Havana color frame with gray lenses, black frame with dark brown lenses Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap.

My sunglasses and some tips

I slowly developed an interest in sunglasses about a year ago. However, finding the right pair of sunglasses is never an easy task. I tried on countless pairs of sunglasses over time and wanted to share some tips:
2000r optical

– Ray-ban Sunglasses: I never could find a pair that suited me. They continue to slide on my face even the smallest (the 55mm). No matter what style I try, they just do not work for me. In contrast, my husband is Ray Ban Wayfarer the biggest fan of sunglasses.
– Kate Spade sunglasses are on the small side. If you have a small face, I highly recommend checking the mark. My two Kate Spade sunglasses are wonderful.
– In the same brand, different styles adapt differently. I fell in love with the fit of the Karen Walker Number One. I love them so much that I bought the Super Duper shortly after. However, the fit is not as large as the first.
– It is important to know the shape and size of your face.  Discount Ray Ban I have a heart shaped face for cat-eye sunglasses seem to look better on me. With that in mind, when I was contacted by Smart Buy Sunglasses, I chose the Dolce & Gabanna Cat Eye for functionality.

Personally, I think these glasses compliment my face shape well and are stylish without being on top. They are also comfortable and stay on my face great. They are not only a fashion statement, but the lenses
online optician are also polarized. None of my old designer sunglasses are polarized, so I am delighted to add to my collection. Smart Buy sunglasses wears a wide selection of designer sunglasses. Their prices are also very competitive. I notice Smart Buy Sunglasses wears the same Burberry glasses for $ 30 less than what I paid for mine.

SunglassesCollection ray ban cats 5000
Smart Buy Sunglasses offers free shipping, full refund and exchange within 100 days. If you’re in the market for new summer shades, I think it’s worth taking a look.

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Summary: 2132 ray ban TOM FORD simple lines and neat eyewear collection,Ray Ban paris  metal frame and plastic frame is divided into frames. Integrated into the mirror arm of the unique T-shaped brand, it is the perfect TOM FORD insisted, discreet and reserved, but convey a remarkable and strong fashion sense.

TOM FORD simple collection of glasses and sharp lines, Ray Ban Sports metal frame and plastic frame is divided into frames. And two series retro fashion simple models, do not hesitate to follow your fashion show where fashionable or professional style sexy. Integrated into the mirror arm of the unique T-shaped brand, it is the perfect TOM FORD insisted, discreet and reserved, but convey a remarkable and strong fashion sense.
Tom Ford was born in the US state of Texas to Austin, is the contemporary world – famous fashion designer, has a strong influence in the fashion industry. In 1990, the director of creating a fashion international first-line clubmaster brand GUCCI “Gucci” The Dawn •Ray Ban 3217  Mellow will be Tom Ford to hire, Tom Ford was on the verge of bankruptcy GUCCI “Gucci” create a game now $ 43 billion of the market capitalization of aircraft carrier fashion.

At the age of 45, Tom Ford was officially created “TOM FORD” brands. He abandoned the traditional fashion show track, the consumer directly to the store to choose the head of the dialogue, choice belongs to the self-style suits. He hoped that in fact by hand, well-designed and meticulous for men, and truly create a luxury brand of the century carrera glasses cheap .
Luxottica manufacture of Luxottica Group glasses and sales such as professional cross-border professional glasses Jituangongsi, called the world’s premier, custom glasses and industry leading high-end fashion eyeglasses. Group founded by Dale Vecchio Leonardo (Vecchio Leonardo Del) in the fashion capital of Milan, show that the trend of the world’s leading personality of fashion luxury.
Luxottica Luxottica Group of the fashion extravagant of responsibility, brings together the world’s first brand of eyewear in one, Le Pen (Ray-Ban), and Oakley (Oakley), Vogue, Bulgari, Burberry, Chanel Chanel) and other stars must write his personality of fashion brand charm within the Group. Group manufactures each year the number of glasses of up to 75 million pairs, there will be 143 per minute Luxottica glasses is sold in all over the world, meaning that more people feel the Luxottica charm of the professional. High professionalism and fashion measurement, offering its customers Zhen glasses experience luxury and improve professional services Ray Ban Clubmaster man , highlighting the value of their own personality.
Luxottica Group is the leading supplier of the world’s largest luxury sportswear and sports eyewear. Our brands include the world’s most famous brand eyeglasses, Ray-Ban and Oakley, Vogue, Oliver Peoples and Alain Mikli etc., licensed brands including Giorgio Armani, Bulgari, Burberry, Chanel, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Michael Kors and Tiffany jewelry and other fashion brands. All its products are based in Italy, six factory design and production of the world window man round sun.
LensCrafters LensCrafters optical retail trade Luxottica Group in Greater China and set up the China headquarters in Shanghai in order to “LensCrafters LensCrafters” as the main business of the high-end brand of optical distribution chains. Currently, “LensCrafters LensCrafters” in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Hong Kong jointly operates more than 300 glass chain, which covers mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao markets . LensCrafters has been committed to the professional equipment of the world class view examination, professional optometrists buy glasses online  and the 520 China Eye Health Examination, providing meticulous care and care for Chinese consumers. And actively practicing the promise of the brand “LensCrafters of the eyes of love”.

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Time becomes hot, polarizing bezel sunlight, UV rises also, sunglasses gradually become many people emerging from the necessities, especially by young people of all ages. Seeing fifty-one to come Ray Ban blind, many friends holiday plans should put us on the agenda in addition to cool clothes ready for you to add Star Child Fan and improve the sense of fashion sunglasses can not No longer ignore Oh! April 11 morning, reporters visited Yiwu International Trade City District sunglasses wholesale trade found that many were filled before the selection of glasses shop sales customers. “These two days of light become stronger man sunglasses, driving without glasses, it is impractical. Ms. Gu owner of a car, she told reporters that sunglasses are not expensive, both to enjoy the sky, went to the market to choose choice Although the summer has not arrived , But the market has been gradually on the new sunglasses while still buying a new taste mode Ray Ban cats.


Visited former members of glasses Taizhou Kang Teming China Commodity City, reporters found that less than 20 flat shop, lined with a variety of styles of sunglasses, not only young people love style, there is a special design for The elderly and children style.Patron told reporters that the 2011 sunglasses in the pursuit of classic form on the basis window frame of sunglasses, the pursuit of color and temples mirror diversification. “You see that several sunglasses are the most classic style, saying they are new, is new in the temples. Temple of chic design sunglasses adds charm index, you see the mirrored embroidered leather leg, you see this hollow buckle arch, as well as the reverse this temple, are among the youngest enthusiastic style. Compared to international brand glasses, you can spend the least amount of money in our house you want to clean the latest 2011 style sunglasses .

“Each set of sunglasses we put in the Ray Ban Wayfarer 2140 new models 4-5, have light sunglasses 3-40 models. Summer is coming, Yiwu sunglasses wholesale market peak began. These days, there have been several calls to customers to shop to see the merchandise. If you are students, if you want to enjoy this summer to sell sunglasses, you can come to our store to see all the glasses take care of small mixed lots of several thousand dollars will be able to venture up ! ”

When a reporter asked if the anti-UV sunglasses, cheap glasses the boss replied: “are stated on the label of all the lenses of our anti-uva, uvb and uvb store sunglasses as these new sunglasses , UV400 are marked on the lens, these sunglasses can be achieved. The defense more than 90% of the level of UV protection better. Sunglasses with UV protection color effect is actually no direct link, usually dark gray, better dark brown, try not to use bright colors, it will make the eyes tired “.

It is understood that the large, exaggerated style of sunglasses is still very popular in 2011, as much preferred trend of people. Faced with an array of sunglasses, whether retro, traditional, exaggerated,sunglasses Ray Ban  beautiful, or leisure, let Kang Teming glasses with you to grab the popular!

Design Temple does not only take into account the visual beauty, but comfortable wearing experience, taking into account the material, color transitions match.