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Abstract: Each brand and company are very focused on branding,Ray Ban eyeglass frame so the brand information is to understand the brand and where the company developed how the fastest way, this article will provide you with Essilor brand latest news, product news, etc. The latest information on the road, hoping to help you in a short period of time a clearer understanding of Essence Road brand.
Essilor’s latest news: ray Ban color

Essilor Company Profile:

Essilor Essilor (Shanghai Essilor Optical Co., Ltd.)
Founded: 1849 Registered capital: 45.5 million US dollars Brand origin: France Tel: 400-8207111 Online shop: 6 Merchants information: View investment
Shanghai Essilor Optical Co., Ltd., the lens of the top ten brands, founded in France in 1849, focused on the field of ophthalmic optics, the world of optical field experts, resin lenses and progressive lenses industry famous to produce and sell …
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Essilor originated in 1849 France, Paris, has been more than 160 years of history glasses for men.
Essilor focuses on the field of ophthalmic optics, and the lens is fully integrated with human vision and optics, and is the world leader in optometry.
Continuous innovation has always been the core gene of Essilor. In 1959, Essilor created resin lenses and progressive lenses, with more than 5600 patents worldwide and one of the most innovative companies in the world for three consecutive years.
Shanghai Essilor Optical Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, is the French Essilor International Group in China’s wholly-owned enterprises, the total investment of up to 53 million US dollars Ray Ban glasses Woman 2014 . Located in Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Park factory, covering 35,000 square meters, the introduction of today’s most advanced lens production equipment and technology, according to the international standards of Essence Road production process and management.
Shanghai Essilor Company attaches great importance to the quality of Chinese optical industry practitioners, and Tianjin Eye Hospital co-founder of Tianjin Miles Road as the optical vocational training schools,Ray Ban sunglasses child  to carry out optometry, glasses of the various levels of training and evaluation of identification, progressive multifocal lens fitting technology Special training and training courses of various types of marketing courses for the optical industry practitioners to provide a visual science and technology life-long education place.
Essilor is committed to promoting the standardization of Chinese lens production and fundamentally improving the standardization of lens production,roberto cavalli sunglasses in line with international standards, so that Chinese consumers Can enjoy a safe, clear, beautiful, comfortable high-quality resin lenses.

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In fact, through network marketing glasses,Ray Ban Clubmaster  appeared at the beginning of the Internet, many people were tried, including the use of B2C and other models for sale but ultimately failed. Later, with the rise of Taobao and the supplier model of electricity shift, glasses have gradually found a place in the network, but overall sales are not optimistic. Even though the rise of a sales group of color contact lenses, sunglasses and other fashion products based independent power supplier, also did not really fit the training of the business model Sales eyewear in essence cheap ray ban Butterfly glasses.



But with progressive improvement O2O (Online For Offline) mode, many industry insiders are beginning to see eyeglasses and network integration can make changes. Billion on e-commerce glasses general manager Li Changli Co., once preached: “O2O fashion is a combination of optical industry the most appropriate development of the business model of the Internet Wayfarer Ray Ban .” Optical retail stores that sell products are mainly semi-finished products must pass scientific fit, processing into finished products to the end consumer use. To learn more about the consumer before the information glasses, such as brand,Ray Ban Round  style, price, quality, convenience degree glasses, had to go to the retail store, and now long been accustomed To online shopping, consumers are more willing to collect the product from the Internet information, see user comments, compare prices, look for store locations, and so on, they were made in Face all kinds of decide how to store consumption. However, the network can not completely solve all the problems of manufacturing a finished lens, professional and technical aspects related to mounting optometry bezel line , machining and other processes still need to be implemented to operate the shop. Therefore, in the “ubiquitous network” today, the eyewear industry is true as Internet-based products, commercial channels, marketing these three aspects, so that consumers can always display, search, Combined with the line-up establishment of the store service in order to save its shopping areas, offers practical business models, increase the store’s grip with consumers,Ray Ban sunglasses  stand firmly in the market.

So if the electricity provider for the store in terms of the use of good O2O models are a vital component. When traditional optical retail stores due to high rent and exit the street facade, in the second floor or basement, even when the office, how to increase the degree of grip with existing customers, Attract tourists Expanding low-cost channels is critical, in addition to electricity suppliers want to decorate the glasses of the market glasses something,Ray Ban Jackie Ohh  and have the level of the shop expertise and service has become the best choice for cooperation. Therefore, the optical industry needs O2O, need the perfect mix and interact online and offline, and all this is the Internet for opportunities and changes in the optical retailing industry Ray ban cheap glasses .

Although a lot of discussions before O2O for the benefits of the optical industry, but so far, either from or in the line of the O2O business line, successfully a few, however, founder Li Changli Billions of dollars on eyewear that the establishment of 020 the optical industry is indeed very challenging challenge, because in the Internet + billions on spectacle field glasses and Ray Ban Cockpit  actively explore Many years, been able to reach today. Apart from a handful of well-known companies, others essentially lamentable. So in the end is what hinders the development of O2O optical industry it? Let us analyze the following aspects Ray Ban 2132:

First: Internet awareness. Many optical retail executives recognize the important role of the electricity supplier for the store, and began to build O2O, but because they did not understand the real sensory and cognitive networks, often break badly beaten, but No final harvest. There are people, because there is a deep understanding of the network characteristics,Ray Ban 2140  a twisting encounter and turns on loss, and finally chose to give up. Therefore, no network comprehensive and deep understanding of the company, most only scratched the surface Ray Ban blind

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“Wu Measure” is a well-known optical industry hundred years,cheap woman sunglasses,men sunglasses,kids sunglasses  many consumers are directed on this flagship store lens. The city of Yangzhou, Jiangdu, Yizheng, Gaoyou Street hanging signs “Wu” capable of more than 10 optical shops, are not “family”, and some joined Shanghai, Nanjing and some joined. Recently, with the “Wu measurement” case of trademark infringement, this dispute mark “war” spread to Yangzhou Ray Ban sunglasses . Affiliated Nanjing “Wu power” shop Yangzhou will want to change the sign.
Yangzhou “Wu able” There are two clubs

On Sunday, the public Yangzhou told reporters reflect, before New Year’s Day he was in Shanghai, “Wu measure” new seat with a pair of glasses, frames and soon a slight problem, because at that time , The service staff told him that the glasses can be in the country “Wu measurement” franchise UNPROFOR, back to Yang, he went to the city Ray Ban original wayfarer , optical shops “Wu able”, hoping to help The server service, but it was rejected. It is proven that this “Wu power” nor “Wu able. ”
The same is “Wu able”, why not a man? Originally, the city hanging “Wu” signs capable of a dozen optical store, in fact from Shanghai, Nanjing two “club. “Wu measurement” optical store in October 1997 to join the Nanjing “Wu power”, Ray Ban online store at present, a wen shop,Ray Ban sunglasses cheap Wenchang store, Mochizuki Road, Times store supermarket four facade. Yizheng, Gaoyou, Jiangdu, Baoying several “Wu power” are gathered in Shanghai, “Wu able.” He leaves perplexed, two stores in Shanghai Jiangdu, Yangzhou was actually “Wu power” open.
Four “Wu measures” alleged offense Ray Ban Mirror
“Who is the authentic Wu power? “Insiders told reporters,” Wu power “as well-known brands, Shanghai Wu, able Wuliangcai Nanjing, Suzhou Wu power, Wuxi Wuliangcai several theories over the years around this old conflict not stopped.
Two years ago, from Shanghai, “Wu able” destabilize Suzhou, “Wu measure”,Ray Ban RB8301  in Jiangsu City 6 judicial proceedings, respectively, 6 cases after the trial, the judicial proceedings were closed. Not long ago, the first in Suzhou Intermediate People’s Court of First Instance verdict: Suzhou Wu able to no longer use the size “Wu measure”.eyeglass frames  The reason for this is Suzhou, “Wu measure” in the case of Shanghai, “Wu measure” brand has no historical roots, without the size of the police from “Dent” to “Wu power”, with a rise ” Wu able “is suspected subjective, only” Wu power “is the legal owner of the brand in Shanghai.
Yesterday afternoon, reporters log on Shanghai, “Wu” able seat. Cao joined the brand department again confirmed: counties and cities of Yangzhou “Wu able” to join the company’s store, urban “Wu able” not to join the range carrera sunglasses .
“Wu” able seat of the Department of Justice responsible for the name of Zhang believes that the Yangzhou four brand “Wu measure” to use, with its very similar offense, suspected registered. They will be right next to initiate legal proceedings reservations. Such as the success of the rights, these four stores, will no longer be “Wu” capable Marques RB3016 Clubmaster .
Nanjing Wu able to join, so there is no need to join Shanghai
Jiangsu and Shanghai, dispute “Wu power” to finally have a clear conclusion. Recently, the Supreme Court of Appeal of Jiangsu Provincial Superior People, rejected the “Suzhou Wu able,” the appeal, the maintenance of the Suzhou Intermediate People’s Court decision. Rain comes from the wind, Shanghai,Ray Ban RB3016 Clubmaster  “Wu measure” the next target will not be Yangzhou “Wu power”? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed Yangzhou Wuliangcai deputy general manager Zhu Qingcheng glasses.
Zhu Qingcheng told reporters, Suzhou, “Wu measure” was lost, largely due to his authorization to change the size of the police, “Wu power”, if Shanghai, “Wu able” to sue Yangzhou “Wu Power, “they will not be lost, because in October 1997 months, Ray Ban RB3211 they joined the Nanjing” Wu power “and Nanjing” Wu power “and Shanghai,” Wu power “there was a difficult to let go of origin.
Wuliangcai 1806 optical store Wuliangcai opened in Shanghai. Before the release, “Wu power” fifth descendant of Wu generation in Nanjing City and a boutique, in 1956, Wu city meet the national appeal sunglasses Ray Ban woman , take the initiative to seek public-private partnerships Wuliangcai glasses, According to the national policy to receive a fixed rate. In the 1990s, the company also changed its name to Shanghai Wuliangcai optical store, Shanghai Sanlian (group) Wuliangcai glasses.Ray Ban small  Zhu Qingcheng only if remo

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Summary: 2132 ray ban TOM FORD simple lines and neat eyewear collection, metal frame and plastic frame is divided into frames. Integrated into the mirror arm of the unique T-shaped brand, sunglasses shop
it is the perfect TOM FORD insisted, discreet and reserved, but convey a remarkable and strong fashion sense.

TOM FORD simple collection of glasses and sharp lines, metal frame and plastic frame is divided into frames. And two series retro fashion simple models, do not hesitate to follow your fashion show where fashionable or professional style sexy. Integrated into the mirror arm of the unique T-shaped brand, it is the perfect TOM FORD insisted, discreet and reserved cheap woman sunglasses,men sunglasses,kids sunglasses , but convey a remarkable and strong fashion sense.
Tom Ford was born in the US state of Texas to Austin, is the contemporary world – famous fashion designer, has a strong influence in the fashion industry. In 1990, the director of creating a fashion international first-line clubmaster brand GUCCI “Gucci” The Dawn • Mellow will be Tom Ford to hire, Tom Ford was on the verge of bankruptcy GUCCI “Gucci” create a game now $ 43 billion of the market capitalization of aircraft carrier fashion Ray Ban Round Metal.
At the age of 45, Tom Ford was officially created “TOM FORD” brands. He abandoned the traditional fashion show track, the consumer directly to the store to choose the head of the dialogue, choice belongs to the self-style suits. He hoped that in fact by hand, well-designed and meticulous for men, and truly create a luxury brand of the century Ray Ban caravan.
Luxottica manufacture of Luxottica Group glasses and sales such as professional cross-border professional glasses Jituangongsi, called the world’s premier, custom glasses and industry leading high-end fashion eyeglasses. Group founded by Dale Vecchio Leonardo (Vecchio Leonardo Del) in the fashion capital of Milan, show that the trend Ray Ban 4147 of the world’s leading personality of fashion luxury.
Luxottica Luxottica Group of the fashion extravagant of responsibility, brings together the world’s first brand of eyewear in one, Le Pen (Ray-Ban), and Oakley (Oakley), Vogue, Bulgari, Burberry, Chanel Chanel) and other stars must write his personality of fashion brand charm within the Group. Group manufactures each year the number of glasses of up to Ray Ban Polarized 75 million pairs, there will be 143 per minute Luxottica glasses is sold in all over the world, meaning that more people feel the Luxottica charm of the professional. High professionalism and fashion measurement, offering its customers Zhen glasses experience luxury and improve professional services, highlighting the value of their own personality.
Luxottica Group is the leading supplier of the world’s largest luxury sportswear and sports eyewear. Our brands include the world’s most famous brand eyeglasses, Ray-Ban and Oakley, Vogue,
Ray Ban RB2132 Oliver Peoples and Alain Mikli etc., licensed brands including Giorgio Armani, Bulgari, Burberry, Chanel, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Michael Kors and Tiffany jewelry and other fashion brands. All its products are based in Italy, six factory design and production of the world.
LensCrafters LensCrafters optical retail trade Luxottica Group in Greater China and set up the China headquarters in Shanghai in order to “LensCrafters LensCrafters”Ray Ban Wayfarer 2140  as the main business of the high-end brand of optical distribution chains. At present, “LensCrafters LensCrafters” in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Hong Kong jointly operates more than 300 glasses chain, which covers mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao markets . LensCrafters has been committed to the professional equipment of the world class view examination,
Discount Ray Ban professional optometrists and the 520 China Eye Health Examination, providing meticulous care and care for Chinese consumers. And actively practicing the promise of the brand “LensCrafters of the eyes of love”.

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Medical experts suggest that when buying sunglasses, can be judged according to the material is clear. To buy high quality sunglasses, the only way to do this is by optical store, optical store to buy regular sunglasses cheap woman sunglasses,men sunglasses,kids sunglasses .
● instinct of the human body of conservation, his eyes met a strong light, the student will naturally become smaller, so that less wear, once ultraviolet light energy in the eye of glasses is not a function of UV protection Ray Ban Titanium , will make the pupils dilate, plus this glasses no effect of UV rays, the eye equal to the open door, despite ultraviolet input, eye damage can imagine.
● Sunglasses can block UV rays because the extra layer of special coating on the lens, while the poor not only can not block UV sunglasses, but also to a serious decline in the transparency of the lens , Make the student larger, but will be a large injection ultraviolet light, so that the eyes damaged. In addition, poor quality glasses also cause nausea, forgetfulness, Ray Ban Wayfarer original insomnia and other symptoms of visual fatigue.

● light gray color of solar lenses, brown color or smoke is superior, followed by green, orange, blue, red considered as a sun or wayfarer snow.
● By car, it is best to use polarized sunglasses, as they can reduce glare.
● If you wear sunglasses, others can see your eyes very clearly, your lens color is too shallow.
● When the sun goes down, it is best to remove sunglasses, otherwise we are affected up in the low light vision will be.
● The regular optical store should choose the regular manufacturers have got sunglasses with anti-UV.
Note ● When you select a surface of the len Ray Ban Carbon Fiber . 
● Slimmer person face for round sunglasses frame.
Face with frame
Sunglasses are in the center of the entire face, solid facial contours sketched, as a thick belt highlights the waist skirt. What kind of face, what frame of sunglasses to wear? Here is a board optometrists Chen Huifen: Miu Miu thick plastic sunglasses playing in black and white, distinctive design temples.
Elliptic face: with a square or rectangular small positive sunglasses. Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarer This face to please the most suitable for any fragrance fragrance type.
2. Round face: sunglasses with large lenses, to a rectangular frame better sketch outlines.
3. square face: with a circular or oval frame, fairly wide enough light.
4. chestnut face: with a frame-like shape Ray Ban sunglasses cheap.

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Ray Ban brand outlet Never Hide communication platform recently launched a new activity – not hidden, born I “hardware”. One of the most eye-catching parts, that the famous photographer Mark Seliger eight creative photos taken to fully explain the brand Ray-Ban Core spirit: to break tradition, never hiding.

2000r optical

This is the third time that photographer Mark Seliger took the Never Hide event in New York and Los Angeles. In his mind, “This event is a collaborative effort to create the vision of the new Ray-Ban line of photo products, it feels like in the filmmaker Kubrick as a photographer. Erik Vervroegen narrative humorous and ironic, astonished. I Erik and Erika Ferszt between is a mutual trust The relationship between the achievements of the best photographic works Ray Ban Wayfarer 2140 .

The objective of this activity is Ray Ban until now launched several of the most innovative and pioneering spirit of optical products. Focus on eight world-renowned mirror, the iconic classic brand icon, is the first time that these materials available carrier. New series of glasses for the purpose, those who are ready to the personality of advertising, refused to the popular display, bold of the crowd. A mixture of traditional style and modern attitudes, built for Ray-Ban past, present and future supporters.

In this is not hidden, born “material” activities, these materials are also an important element. The user is invited to visit the Ray-Ban website and enter the Order of Never Hide the Town. In this discreet and secret group, Ray Ban original wayfarer people share the basic beliefs of the Ray-Ban brand: do not hide (never hide). Ray-Ban will be a series of challenges to promote the user to show the true me: hard leather, camouflage forgery, sound Rongrong financial, cowboy reckless, titanium stick. In the process of completing the challenge, the user can continue to upgrade in the Order of Never Hide common. After completing the required number of challenges, two champions will be created on each participating market and will join the town through a special event. As a special award, selected members will also be on the network to show off their experience Ray Ban Wayfarer rb2140.

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Summary: September 9, 2010 online optician Ray Ban Wanderer 5th Asian brand ceremony was held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Dr. Shenzhen City glasses Chain Co., Ltd. won the [Famous Asian Brand Award on this Event, Dr. Liu, chairman of glasses … Xiao received the [Chinese brand hundred Innovator Award “.

Dr. glasses won the “famous brand Asia Awards”
September 9, 2010, to the “success of the brand in the future” for the purpose of the 5th Asian brand ceremony was held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Ray Ban RB3016 Clubmaster.
This event jointly organized by Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, China News companies, State Assets Supervision and Administration Board of the Research Center, Internationally renowned brands in Asia Certification Supervision Center. Ms. Dong Cuidi Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology Liaison Office, Hong Kong Wen Wei Po President of the club Mr. Wang Shucheng, Vice-Consul General in Hong Kong, Huang Miss of STOM, President of the Hong Kong Institute of Science and brand sunglasses Technology Policy for the Sustainable Foundation JP, Chairman of the Certification Center famous Asian regulatory mark Mr. Zhou Jun Deputy Director of Commerce Department of Renmin University of China Professor Wang Yaxing and others Guests attended the sun sunglasses ceremony.

A careful examination of Asia Brand Ceremony Organizing Committee and decided, Dr. Shenzhen glasses Chain Co., Ltd. received the “famous brand in Asia Award”, Dr. Liu Xiao glasses chairman received the “China Cent Innovator Award Ray Ban Clubmaster price“.
Mr. Vice President Dr. Liu glasses Kaiyue Chain Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City, Department of Planning Chief Chen Chuwen attended the event.
May 2, 2010, Dr. Liu Xiao glasses chairman as special guest to attend the 12th World Outstanding Chinese Prize to be held in Hong Kong Honorary Doctorate Cum Lansbridge University of New Brunswick, award ceremony in Canada, and with the Chinese world total chairman founder Dr. Feng Cheng photo intimate sunglasses ray ban Ray Ban limited edition.

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James Bond Sunglasses

Fifty-year-old twenty-four films, countless exotic locations, dozens of women, super villains, God only knows how Macedonia vodka James Bond not only survived but became the ultimate gentleman style icon rayban clubmaster.

Whether it be cars, clothes or gadgets, blow Bond, never miss.
007 to make his long-awaited “ghost” screen back, we examined the legacy of decades of styles, from his classic Connery to the present day.
In the first film of James Bond, Dr. No (1962), Sean Connery 007 did not wear sunglasses – in fact, the only one appears in this film is his US counterpart Felix Leiter of wear. The exact model shape is unknown, but they are definitely the eyes of a cat that we see today in a person, it would be very unusual Ray Ban sunglasses!

From Russia with Love (1963)

In the following film, “From Russia with Love” (1963), a pair of super-spy movement of his own shadow, so strange, we see them first that he was wearing in the famous Hagia Sophia in Istanbul , Barely ideal location. To our knowledge, this pair is Oliver Goldsmith “consular” and still manufactured today!
Lei Ting (1965)

In Thunderball (1965), James Bond (James Bond) is considered one of the first examples of wearing polarized lenses: Polaroid cool Ray N135. Over the years with use (and abuse), the majority of the gadget makes it a step forward that always cuRay Ban Round Metal rve !

Kill the Road (1985)

Is a bit disconcerting, sunglasses almost completely disappeared from the universe of James Bond over the next 20 years despite the leading role in “killing the murders” of 1985. Super rare Willy Bogner 7003 ton Eschenbach when the movie started , 007 in Siberia, and later in the area of ​​the enemy in the north of France is disguised as “James St. John Smith”, he makes a pair of custom, Persol look like shadows and let him see through A window tinted ray ban polarized glasses online.

Quick access to the era Pierce Brosnan, as well as GoldenEye (1995). During this period, 007 years, 007 wearing a pair of actual Persol sunglasses, even though he stopped a model in 26 days, he was in Cuba during the trip.

World is not enough (1999)

In the next film “Pierce Brosnan” “Out of the World” (1999), sunglasses once again play an active role in the film. This time it is a ready-made with custom blue lens specifications (ANT BLUE 50X19, if you want to know). In the casino scene, Bond came to visit a variety of enemy guns and knives in his room with a “X ray” vision. Elsewhere in the same movie, 007 during the ski pursuit, a pair of Calvin Klein sunglasses 2007 Super Rock. cheap glasses
Death Day (2002)

The last film by Pierce Brosnan “Death Another Day” (2002) saw Bond in Cuba, and also returned Persol – (perhaps by chance, the most famous Persol is the Havana color scheme?) Model, Persol 2672 is Specially designed for film, the brand said that they are “tailor-made to match the brand identity of Bond eyeglasses and character – sober elegance and complexity online glasses.
Casino Royale (2006) – Full cast and crew

Although the next film is a new film, “Daniel Craig” (Daniel Craig), select 007 glasses always firmly thrown the film for the next film, “Casino Royale” (2006 Royal Casino). There are two pairs of Persol shades: in the first half of the film, Bond wearing a 2244 model, it has a rectangular metal frame, and in the second half of 2720 is a more classic tortoiseshell frame,woman sunglasses  being made public in a special edition Of the film.

Quantum (2008)

In “Quantum of Solace” (2008), the exact model of Bond sunglasses worn by the subject of 007 fans of some controversy, because Bond door in the film of Tom Ford 108 appears to be an old one Discontinued Exact from the popular air force Oliver. Legend, Airman model production team originally selected but signed licensing agreements Tom Ford (Tom Ford) produced a copy model (Tom Ford 108), which is

Skyfall (2012)
Ray Ban 3447

In the movie of Tom Ford for the 007 connection: broken sky Murder (2012). This time it is not for the special edition of the cinema, but one of the Tom Ford ranges of standard models, Sunglasses MARKO (FT0144), is still available.

Ghost (2015)

In the next ghost (2015), the Daniel Craig sunglasses (Daniel Craig) will once again sporting Tom Ford (Tom Ford) and information from the current point of view he may have three different frames. From their appearance in the band-announcement Ray Ban online store