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Jinhua staff of the myopia treatment center came to the development zone cheap rayban new wayfarer sunglasses  jinhua Qiubin primary school, screening vision for children 3025. The staff gave the children issued a number of declaration of the stationery and the Vision, tell them how to protect the eyes. A Zhong reporter in the photo
Each year, the organization of the city health department of affiliated ophthalmological hospitals and clinics for students of Jinhua City schools, each visual inspection. Recently, more than a thousand students of different results of the detection of different grade school grades, students of visual acuity is not optimistic,Ray Ban Wayfarer folding  in addition to the number of students in grades 1 to 3 for the Individual primary school of myopia, section myopia section of high school students 20%. Middle and high school students the average rate of the class of myopia Qi Cheng.



A college in the city, while walking in a classroom,Ray Ban highstreet  at first glance, most students must wear glasses. Master Li told reporters, students read and now write much better posture, many students who have the eye away from this work is getting closer, and some even want to feel like Coushang bezel mount. Li often to correct the duties of students in class position, let them out of school for more outdoors, leans on distance, relieve eye strain
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City personal myopia treatment center, said more and more rapid myopia students, ages become younger age, which is mainly caused by unhealthy lifestyles. At the same time, Ray Ban Warrior the popularity of electronic products has also accelerated the trend of developing the younger age of myopia. The child’s eyes are still the growth and development of some children like to read books or play phone lying in bed, excessive use as well as posture is not correct, it is easy to myopia
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“Some classic advice of eyes, eyes beneficial to the eyes, especially adult children, deserve a note. The staff said, for students to read and write good posture is very important, nonstandard posture is the main cause of myopia. Ray Ban eyewear Insist on doing ocular exercises. Eye regular examination each year, add more vegetables and fruits. You can not watch television too close to the screen. When watching TV, it is best to have the lights. Computer access time should not be too long, usually preferably 1 hour, to avoid visual fatigue. Do not write a small, close-up words, do not read small readings close together. Keep your exercise,Ray Ban Wayfarer original  do outdoor activities more. Myopia occurs when the situation, qualified to wear appropriate glasses. A long time reading, looking at the computer, it will reduce blinking eyes, causing the drying of the eyes, so should generally more blinking eyes, keep the eyes moist sun glasses woman.

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Official website evergreen recently announced eyeglasses it would launch a passive 3D glasses DN-82945 and the DN-82947 plug-glasses is mounted on an ordinary glasses, Ray Ban Wayfarer price and can be sold through the Shanghai casing, direct selling prices DN-82947 is 699 days yuan, while DN-82945 499 yen.
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Lights sale cheap Shanghai two polarized 3D glasses





Equipped with a polarizing filter is polarized 3D glasses Ray Ban cheap man , can effectively reduce the price of the product and features, the price is really cheap. Even the additional purchase, do not spend too much money on the price.

Lights sale cheap Shanghai two polarized 3D glasses cheap rayban new wayfarer sunglasses

Place DN-82945 Sunglasses

Other 3D glasses DN-82945 is also divided into two products,Ray Ban collection 2014  the use of two types of glasses and glasses different circular quadrilateral patterns, sizes noted in use, the size of the earglass round glasses folded after 145 × 45 × 25 mm, and a square of 150 × 40 × 45 mm. Both are 20g weight.

Lights sale cheap Shanghai two polarized 3D glasses

Plastic goggles DN-82947 Ray Ban glasses balances

Plug-glasses can be hung on ordinary glasses, when you want to use as long as you can attach to the glasses. A size of 130 × 38 × 10 mm. It weighs only 10g optician.

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The recovery of all the beautiful things in spring, raiban when he is out of town people Ray Ban red,Ray Ban gold,Ray Ban green and Ray Ban blue . Daming optical timely introduction of “beautiful flower flowers, a good mirror with Chunhui” cheap dishwasher as the theme of the sunlight series of promotional lenses promotional activities, just to meet people’s anti-glare, UV protection, Anti-glare demand. From April 5 to June 15 to the glasses of the Ming Dynasty each customer chains with the following objectives can get the following benefits wayfarer sunglasses :
A, coloring, decolorization, polarized lenses 8.8 folding, including: Nikon dye, colored glasses, 2, Essilor stain, polarized lenses, 3, Hoya discoloration, lens staining; 4, dyeing Apollo, colored glasses, 5, Shi Naide dyeing lenses; 6, light can Laid dye lens.


Color, spot, polarized lenses with degrees, both the vision correction but the UV blockage of the sun. That myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia people with their sunglasses degrees customize Ray Ban craft.
● Colorful colored lenses can show personality and clothing, especially suitable for outdoor work, movement of people and catch up with the personality of the fashion to wear.
● Avoided lenses with prescription eyewear wearer to suit different indoor and outdoor environments to replace or choose to wear glasses of difficulty. Sale varieties Daming lenses, high-tech content. trendy glasses The latest generation of photochromic lenses in the room was transparent, such as ordinary light man sunglasses, discoloration, faster discoloration, deeper environment high-temperature color, so that the user feel more at home ‘easy.
● Polarized lenses eliminate reflections from all directions, which makes the objects appear more clearly for driving and outdoors.
Second, the consumption of gift coupons fashionable glasses:
During the event, Ming glasses come all customers the opportunity to get new dealers to customers in more than $ 500 full Ming glasses, will be able to more preferential price to buy sunglasses and contact lenses, the Maximum discount of 7.5 times. You like high-quality Ming dynasty glasses while optometry services, you and your family and friends can also get a bigger discount. As follows wayfarer ray ban:
1, spending 500, blue gift certificate, coupon holder Sunglasses 8.5 times spectacle frame man , 9.4 pli contact lenses available;
2, $ 1000 spending, gift vouchers money, good vouchers 20% discount on the purchase of sunglasses, contact lenses purchase 9.2 times;
3, spend 2000 yuan, gold ticket donated, ticket holders 25% discount on the purchase of sunglasses, contact lenses bought 10% women sunglasses.
Welcome to the glasses of the Ming Dynasty, select the appropriate goal, enjoy the preferential prices.
In addition, in April and May purchase gifts sunglasses brand:
1, April customers with Nikon and Essilor Transitions Objectives one, will receive a mobile phone power.
2, buy glasses sent Li Meng (sunglasses or frames) sent Li Meng send a clear umbrella.
3, a variety of high-definition contact lenses Hydron buy three get one free glasses.

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“Wu Measure” is a well-known optical industry hundred years,Clubmaster Ray Ban  many consumers are directed on this flagship store lens. The city of Yangzhou, Jiangdu, Yizheng, Gaoyou Street hanging signs “Wu” capable of more than 10 optical shops, are not “family”, and some joined Shanghai, Nanjing and some joined. Recently, with the “Wu measurement” case of trademark infringement, this dispute mark “war” spread to Yangzhou. Affiliated Nanjing “Wu power” shop Yangzhou will want to change the sign Ray Ban Round Metal
Yangzhou “Wu able” There are two clubs
On Sunday, the public Yangzhou told reporters reflect, before New Year’s Day he was in Shanghai, “Wu measure” new seat with a pair of glasses, frames and soon a slight problem, because at that time , The service staff told him that the glasses can be in the country “Wu measurement” franchise UNPROFOR, back to Yang, Ray Ban RB2132 he went to the city, optical shops “Wu able”, hoping to help The server service, but it was rejected. It is proven that this “Wu power” nor “Wu able. ”
The same is “Wu able”, why not a man? Originally, the city hanging “Wu” signs capable of a dozen optical store, in fact from Shanghai, Nanjing two “club. “Wu measure” optical shop in October 1997 to join the Nanjing “Wu power”, at present, a shop wen, wayfarer Wenchang store, Mochizuki Road, Times store Supermarket four facade . Yizheng, Gaoyou, Jiangdu, Baoying several  Ray Ban 1000 cats “Wu power” are gathered in Shanghai, “Wu able.” He leaves perplexed, two stores in Shanghai Jiangdu, Yangzhou was actually “Wu power” open.
Four “Wu measures” alleged offense


“Who is the authentic Wu power? “Insiders told reporters,” Wu power “as well-known brands, Shanghai Wu, able Wuliangcai Nanjing, Suzhou Wu power, Wuxi Wuliangcai several theories over the years around this old conflict not stopped.
Two years ago, from Shanghai, “Wu able” destabilize Suzhou, “Wu measure”, in Jiangsu City 6 judicial proceedings, respectively, 6 cases after the trial, the judicial proceedings were closed. Not long ago, the first in Suzhou
polarizing glasses  Intermediate People’s Court of First Instance verdict: Suzhou Wu able to no longer use the size “Wu measure”. The reason for this is Suzhou, “Wu measure” in the case of Shanghai, “Wu measure” brand has no historical roots, without the size of the police from “Dent” to “Wu power”, with a rise ” Wu able “is suspected subjective,Ray Ban eyewear  only” Wu power “is the legal owner of the brand in Shanghai.
Yesterday afternoon, reporters log on Shanghai, “Wu” able seat. Cao joined the brand department again confirmed: counties and cities of Yangzhou “Wu able” to join the company’s store, urban “Wu able” not to join the range of sunglasses.
“Wu” able seat of the Department of Justice responsible for the name of Zhang believes that the Yangzhou four brand “Wu measure” to use, with its very similar offense, suspected registered Ray Ban Wayfarer original . They will be right next to initiate legal proceedings reservations. Such as the success of the rights, these four stores, will no longer be “Wu” capable Marques.
Nanjing Wu able to join, so there is no need to join Shanghai
Jiangsu and Shanghai, dispute “Wu power” to finally have a clear conclusion. Recently, the Supreme Court of Appeal of Jiangsu Provincial Superior People, rejected the “Suzhou Wu able,” the appeal,Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarer  the maintenance of the Suzhou Intermediate People’s Court decision. Rain comes from the wind, Shanghai, “Wu measure” the next target will not be Yangzhou “Wu power”? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed Yangzhou Wuliangcai deputy general manager Zhu Qingcheng glasses polarizing glasses .
Zhu Qingcheng told reporters, Suzhou, “Wu measure” was lost, largely due to his permission to change the size of the police, “Wu power”, if Shanghai, “Wu capable” to sue Yangzhou “Wu Power, “they will not be lost, because in October 1997 months, they joined the Nanjing” Wu power “and Nanjing” Wu power “and Shanghai,” Wu power “there was a difficult to let go of origin Vintage Ray Ban .
Wuliangcai 1806 optical store Wuliangcai opened in Shanghai. Before the release, “Wu power” fifth descendant of Wu generation in Nanjing City and a boutique, in 1956, Wu city meet the national appeal, take the initiative to seek public-private partnerships Wuliangcai glasses, According to the national policy to receive a fixed rate. In the 1990sRay Ban Wayfarer cheap , the company also changed its name to Shanghai Wuliangcai optical store, Shanghai Sanlian (group) Wuliang glasses

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We recall the 160 years of development in the giant arms of the optical industry of the French company Essilor, to identify its development and growth based on product innovation (resin lenses, progressive lenses Ray Ban shop paris , Photochromic lenses), global expansion (in the Americas, Asia), and the merger and acquisition strategy. We believe that domestic companies in the context of the final product a solid basis for future growth in this channel reconstruction, can greatly reduce the link unreasonable increase by the O2O strategy, so as to improve consumer welfare and increasingly stronger. A listed company in Hong Knight (300061) Companies with this historic opportunity and conditions.

China is a country manufacturing glasses, but the big, but not strong. China is the main producer and exporter of glasses, accounting for the share of more than 60% of the world’s world, the last 10 years, China’s average annual production of glasses in a mirror 667 million Size of optical business revenue in 2004 73.66 trillion yuan, an increase of 24.409  selling glasses online billion yuan by 2013 yuan, Ray Ban sunglasses cheap an average annual growth rate of 14.24%, at the same time, China is also the second market eyewear Consumption, nearly 400 million the myopia number, glasses spent 500 yuan per person, which gave birth to the value of 200 billion yuan market of optometry. But intense competition in the industry, usually small-scale, domestic lens manufacturers in the technology, brand, management, marketing, and other far behind the goal of international brands, can only participate in International competition on the market by OEM / ODM and other means Ray Ban Wayfarer price.


Essilor (essilor) development of revelation: product innovation, globalization and mergers and acquisitions is its three weapons.

160-year-old French Essilor is the world’s largest companies, such as light, by the end of 2013, its products occupy 37% of the market share of global optics, Essilor was born from the merger of Two French optical company in 1972, manufacturer of Essilor (Essel) glass lenses and the manufacturer of Essilor (Sillor) resin lenses are combined Ray Ban Wayfarer discount. Throughout its development, we believe that continued professional innovation, global expansion and acquisition strategy to support the $ 21 billion Essilor market capitalization.

Traditional sales channels glasses face changes in the background of the Internet era, Hong Knight and other national brand has ushered in the historic opportunity. Many disadvantages of the traditional model of the optical industry, in addition to innovation is not high, high track layers increases is a major problem, we measure the traditional sales mode, from manufacturer to customer, often need to pass By dealers, regional distributors, multi-channel terminal level glasses, the rate of increase is usually more than 10 times, slowly moving high rental costs in the sales division Ray Ban glasses Woman 2017 as well as retail is the main Cause of this phenomenon (see Figure 17), we believe that with the advent of the Internet era, information transmission efficiency and accelerate channel change of the industry is The trend, O2O mode will be opened leading eyeglass industry eyeglass window window manufacturer.

Risk Factors: the industry fine business management objective is not completed,promo sunglasses  the conversion rate is lower than the expected sales model.

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