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Jinhua staff of the myopia treatment center came to the development zone cheap rayban new wayfarer sunglasses  jinhua Qiubin primary school, screening vision for children 3025. The staff gave the children issued a number of declaration of the stationery and the Vision, tell them how to protect the eyes. A Zhong reporter in the photo
Each year, the organization of the city health department of affiliated ophthalmological hospitals and clinics for students of Jinhua City schools, each visual inspection. Recently, more than a thousand students of different results of the detection of different grade school grades, students of visual acuity is not optimistic,Ray Ban Wayfarer folding  in addition to the number of students in grades 1 to 3 for the Individual primary school of myopia, section myopia section of high school students 20%. Middle and high school students the average rate of the class of myopia Qi Cheng.



A college in the city, while walking in a classroom,Ray Ban highstreet  at first glance, most students must wear glasses. Master Li told reporters, students read and now write much better posture, many students who have the eye away from this work is getting closer, and some even want to feel like Coushang bezel mount. Li often to correct the duties of students in class position, let them out of school for more outdoors, leans on distance, relieve eye strain
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City personal myopia treatment center, said more and more rapid myopia students, ages become younger age, which is mainly caused by unhealthy lifestyles. At the same time, Ray Ban Warrior the popularity of electronic products has also accelerated the trend of developing the younger age of myopia. The child’s eyes are still the growth and development of some children like to read books or play phone lying in bed, excessive use as well as posture is not correct, it is easy to myopia
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“Some classic advice of eyes, eyes beneficial to the eyes, especially adult children, deserve a note. The staff said, for students to read and write good posture is very important, nonstandard posture is the main cause of myopia. Ray Ban eyewear Insist on doing ocular exercises. Eye regular examination each year, add more vegetables and fruits. You can not watch television too close to the screen. When watching TV, it is best to have the lights. Computer access time should not be too long, usually preferably 1 hour, to avoid visual fatigue. Do not write a small, close-up words, do not read small readings close together. Keep your exercise,Ray Ban Wayfarer original  do outdoor activities more. Myopia occurs when the situation, qualified to wear appropriate glasses. A long time reading, looking at the computer, it will reduce blinking eyes, causing the drying of the eyes, so should generally more blinking eyes, keep the eyes moist sun glasses woman.

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Official website evergreen recently announced eyeglasses it would launch a passive 3D glasses DN-82945 and the DN-82947 plug-glasses is mounted on an ordinary glasses, Ray Ban Wayfarer price and can be sold through the Shanghai casing, direct selling prices DN-82947 is 699 days yuan, while DN-82945 499 yen.
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Equipped with a polarizing filter is polarized 3D glasses Ray Ban cheap man , can effectively reduce the price of the product and features, the price is really cheap. Even the additional purchase, do not spend too much money on the price.

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Other 3D glasses DN-82945 is also divided into two products,Ray Ban collection 2014  the use of two types of glasses and glasses different circular quadrilateral patterns, sizes noted in use, the size of the earglass round glasses folded after 145 × 45 × 25 mm, and a square of 150 × 40 × 45 mm. Both are 20g weight.

Lights sale cheap Shanghai two polarized 3D glasses

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Plug-glasses can be hung on ordinary glasses, when you want to use as long as you can attach to the glasses. A size of 130 × 38 × 10 mm. It weighs only 10g optician.

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In 1982, Shanghai will look at Sun Yat-sen glasses in 1917,Ray Ban red,Ray Ban gold,Ray Ban green and Ray Ban blue  the company wrote banner – “excellence” in the former residence of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Shanghai donated to the permanent collection. Today, tourists come to visit the former residence of Shanghai Zhongshan, in a small building, I looked up and I could see Mr. Zhongshan room of precious manuscript ink. Reference to “excellence,” the four words, had to start from the modern Chinese optical industry speaks Ray Ban cheap Ray Ban 3026
 Ray Ban 3362.According to Chinese and foreign historical documents, glasses originated in China, it is an ancient cultural heritage, the art of medicine in China. Ming and Qing, Jiangsu Wujiang Sun Yun ball concave glass concave hand to correct myopia, glasses produced for the Chinese founder. L8 early century, glasses Suzhou Shanghai Suzhou. The early use of crystal glasses, crystal glasses, citrine, Mo Jing and other natural spath grinding, copper frame, wood, horn, tortoise shell or similar, belonging to business people Which play game objects of text game savant, jewelry obtained only in antiques store of.Ray Ban Wayfarer rb2140 Ray Ban jackie ohh ii As far as the scientific method of optometry, buyers and sellers is totally ignorant. According to 1876 (years of the Qing Dynasty) written by Xu Yuan Ge records “Shanghai Fanchang”: Shanghai freight, the city of polyethylene in there. …… ancient jade in the new North Gate, North Gate in the new glasses.

After the opening in 1843, western glasses with foreigners settled in Shanghai and growing popularity. Its glass lens as a raw material, after the machines optometry grinding technology,Ray Ban 58014 polarizing glasses Ra y Ban RB3016 the choice of a light metal frame or a metal frame packaging in celluloid (once called “frame Dr.”), with potential brightness, New models and marketing in the city. But due to the traditional concept of ordinary Chinese, despite the myopia of the eye, not accustomed to wearing glasses Ray Ban havana
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The Qing Dynasty sunglasses police, the English John Gao De in Shanghai, Nanjing Henan Road intersection opened Gao De Matheson, franking machine grinding optometry glasses. In 1911, I was working in Gao De Matheson Zhang Shide and others in the road Lloyd, Nanjing Road (now Liuhe Road) opened mouth a new lean Shanghai glasses company, to compete with foreign suppliers. Modern optics industry as a pioneer in Shanghai, the company imported white glass, Ray Ban 3449 Ray Ban Carbon Fiber draw Western science and optometry eyewear  grinding process and technology, China’s optical industry has a new development. First, the abolition of the old store method established optometric optical card type, optometry technology using a combination of subject and object, and save the appropriate file. For customers with heavy goggles, you can find the name of the raw data used to formulate suitable for wearing glasses. Second, a pure manual lens manufacturing process, imported mechanical polishing equipment, not only can grind all kinds of different natures, different characteristics of the lens, but also started to make or producer of different types of frames carrera sunglasses round sunglasses . In addition, the technical aspects of inspection, grinding, cutting, loading and straightening, system, etc., use of advanced technologies and equipment, thus making the formation of a large Number of professional and technical staff glasses.
Because the lean eyewear company has always attached a good will of importance, genuine, and the price is lower than that of foreign merchandise Matheson and soon occupied the domestic ma rket and have opened new branches in the country.
In 1916, the Guangzhou lean branch glasses opened company vintage glasses Window frame man . Guangdong military government law enforcement Foreign Minister Wu Tingfang, Tang Shaoyi Finance Minister who was attracted to go with glasses. One day in 1917, branch manager Don Morin greeted customers in the store, to find that one dressed in a tunic, wearing a copper basin cap, holding a stick of middle-aged Wen Ming customers with Enthusiasm in the shop. Don felt this familiar client sunglasses rayban , already seen, Made in, when Mr. Ren is the custodian of the military government of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen. Mr. Tang Hurried personally received, and please give Lean calligraphy title sunglasses.Ray Ban RB3016 Clubmaster  A few days later, the law enforcement junta sent Sun Yat-sen handwritten “better” an inscription, inscribed, “Sun Wen”, and stamped the sc

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Diversified development trend from the consumption of these glasses to production, innovation, marketing, distribution and market development also presents a wide range of trends. This diversity cheap rayban new wayfarer sunglasses:

1, species diversity glasses:

The current breed of glasses has been flourishing, colorful. When you walk in glasses to layer Beijing Guiyou against only make you confused. The price of different brands of frames, wide variety lenses, everything. The two Dunhill, crocodiles, Arc de Triomphe, Longines, Dishang Qi, Nikon and other world-renowned brands, but also Nojiri,ray ban wayfarer  classic fashion, Veyron, crocodiles East mid-range glasses. More crystal mirror, anti-fatigue reading glasses mirror and so on.

Sheet of ordinary and hardened resin, and by adding film, thin film and hard, they are lighter and less fragile have advantages, specific properties are also introduced discoloration of the resin lens. There are different types of glass lenses coating, discoloration and the like. Also introduced waterproof, dustproof grams Lens and can rain for a large number of thin lenses Clubmaster Ray Ban .

Its large to small sunglasses, not only color, variety and frame temples also in different design styles. Fully reflects the multicultural flavor. However, in this pluralistic world of glasses to exploit their own characteristics, there is no deep understanding of the culture of glasses is not enough Ray Ban Round Metal.

2, glasses diversification materials;

The development of modern science and technology, the glasses of the material has become increasingly diverse. The most colorful. Changes in the development of modern culture glasses glasses bring a maximum significant change is not the material itself. But the concept of the use of the concept of significant change.bezel line Ray Ban sunglasses  This change is reflected mainly in three aspects. It is:

To focus on functional materials;

To pay attention to matching equipment;

To focus on environmental protection materials.

Through the combination of sheet material or composite design the shape of a simple change of lens more layered, rich in culture connotation, more fashionable, more elegant bezel carrera .

This reaction on the material culture of the concept of comparative cognition “sale sells glasses material” in it, obviously showing the gap has come.

3, functional diversification goggles;

The rapid development of technology, not only the function of glasses has been extended, function and use more diverse, and on a large scale to expand the industry chain upstream and downstream. Many glasses occur not only with special functions but there are in glasses is characterized by extensive product lines and chains.

4, goggles diversification of wholesale channels

Development, expansion of cultural glasses market glasses, wholesale glasses is also known important changes. The development of the market in this diverse cultural influences also have various characteristics Ray Ban Wayfarer folding .

5, diversified corporate philosophy of eyewear

The rapid development of domestic production of the optical industry, bringing glasses, the consumer market continues to expand, but also the formation of intense competition.Ray Ban highstreet  In this case, small and medium-sized domestic enterprises and place eyeglasses spectacles production companies want to maintain the current market share, it must be converted by business ideas, explore a variety of marketing and business philosophy glasses not expensive .

In the past, the kind of “designer goggles present an activity” was insufficient to attract the Zhang Li market. In particular, when the price of glasses became transparent, relying on the traditional price war was impossible to ‘To get more customers, customer demand for the service business is also not limited to a simple in-store service and a traditional service,Ray Ban Wayfarer 2132  business only you can rely on the market change strategy, Diversification and updating the model of marketing services to attract more regular customers.